Trench inhumanity! The salary expenditure of the Paris team is as high as 256 million pounds, the world’s first

News on August 11 Earlier, Paris Saint-Germain officially announced that Messi had joined the team, and his after-tax salary was as high as 25 million euros. With the addition of Messi, Paris has also become the team with the most wages in the world.

The following is the statistics of the top ten clubs in global wage spending: (Unit: British Pound)

  1. Cleveland Browns (American football team): 157 million
  2. Dallas Cowboys (American football team): 157 million
  3. Chelsea: 163 million
  4. Bayern Munich: 166 million
  5. Juventus: 184 million
  6. Los Angeles Dodgers (American baseball team): 193 million
  7. Barcelona: 195 million
  8. Manchester United: 201 million
  9. Real Madrid: 212 million
  10. Paris: 256 million