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In 2016, Chi Shangbin participated in the “Chinese Football Celebrity Forum” held in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Liao Yi Photo

Guangzhou Daily Full Media Reporter Zhang Wei

On March 6th, the famous players of the former Chinese men’s football team, the coaches were Chi Shangbin, who died of the death of Dalian, and enjoy the age of 72. Retrospective of Chi Shangbin’s legendary life, is a model for Chinese football.

Chinese male footprint “Iron Blood Captain”

Chi Shangbin was born in Dalian on September 19, 1949, in 1969, I was selected in Liaoning Youth Football Team. In 1970, 21-year-old Chi Shangbin was selected in the Chinese men’s football team.

During the period from 1970 to 1982, Chi Shangbin served as a 5-year captain in the 12-year national foothold, and the location on the field covered Zhongwei, the back, the striker, and went to 108 games, and the total 37 goal. In 1977, when the US Cosmo visited China, the ball Bayley said that Chi Shangbin and Yongzhi are the best two players at the time of the Chinese team.

In the 1982 World Cup’s Siam District Qualifier, Chi Shangbin did one of the leading characters in the “Sujiajun” array. He led the national football team in the group of Kuwait, Saudi. The helpless Saudi does not lose the New Zealand team in 0 to 5, so that the national football is eventually to face the surcharge samsung mobile customer care number 24×7 india challenge New Zealand team. The “Sujiajun” prepared to be insufficient regrets to the New Zealand team with 1 to 2, and have not marched the Spanish World Cup. But the national football, still known as the strongest national football in history.

Many of Guangdong Football Make a sudden diced passage of Chi Shangbin. They all said that Chi Shangbin has an outstanding achievement in the era of players or the coaches, and his death is a huge loss of Chinese football.

A 155 unbeaten record reserved

After retiring, Chi Shangbin went to Japan to study in 1987, served as the main coach of Osaka Steel, and cultivated to the Hystein Hengjing and Run Run, etc. A large number of experience.

In the 1995 season, A A A-League defending Champion Dalian Wanda’s initial record is not ideal, and the 8 years of Dongfu has served as the today’s national news headlines in english for school assembly main coach of Dalian Wanda after returning from Japan. Due to the middle of the handicraft team, the tacit understanding between his and players has not yet formed, and finally ranked third. However, from the 11th round of this season, Dalian Wanda opened a long and unbeatened path. In the 1996 season, Wanda won 12 wins and 10 flat 0, and became the unbeaten team in the history of Chinese football top career league. This also opened the “Wanda Dynasty”. In 1996, in 1997, Dalian Wanda won the league championship for two consecutive seasons, and Chi Shangbin has also obtained the best coach title of A A A-league for two consecutive years. Until the 21st round of 1997, the foot span was 3 seasons. Chi Shangbin led Dalian Wanda team created 55 unbeatered records in China’s top league. This grade is still unreasonable in the current breaking news video domestic professional league, even in the world The football is also rare.

Peng Weiguo witnessed the unbeaten process of Dalian Wanda 55 in the Sun God of Guangzhou, he said: “Dalian Wanda opened the first game of 55 unrelent records, that is, in 1995, defeating the Sun God at home at home. I still remember That game was the first A a A A. of Chi Shangbin, the first A a A. that three seasons, 6 games in the sun god, Ping 2 games lost 4 games, and the gap between each losing is not big. Wanda It is a strong hand in the same year, but the late guidance is also worth studying. ”

Promoting the national football kills the 2002 World Cup

Chi Shangbin not only created the peak of coaching career in the professional league, but also had a non-average person comparable resolution at the national football coach.

Chi Shangbin was identified by the Chinese Football Association in 1997 as a member of the national team coach. In 1997, the World Cup is the top ten competition, and the Chinese men’s football team launched a sixth impact on the World Cup. This national football gathered a large number A, the overall strength is a strong team in Asia, but unfortunately, it is the final loss.

In 1999, Chi Shangbin once again determined the member of the national football coach group by the Chinese Football Association. From 2000 to 2002, Chi Shangbin helped the main coach Milu. In 2001, the World Cup Asia Ten Tournament, the Chinese team finally advanced to all kinds of favorable conditions, and met the dream of promoting the World Cup. In 2002, the World Cup of Korea, Chi Shangbin continued to witness the history of Chinese football to participate in the World Cup in the identity of the national football.

In the two sessions, the two sessions were recalled: “The two ten sessions, the national football coach team is very powerful, late guidance is a smart, he provides a lot for the two national football coach Good advice. ”

In the later years, we will give you a young training to pay attention to Guangdong football.

After leaving Dalian Albin Club since 2015, he began to put his main energy in the development of domestic junction and amateur football.

In 2017, under the strong support of the China Football Development Foundation, the Chinese employee football league was born, and Chi Shangbin served as the Chairman of the Chinese Enterprise Sports Association staff football committee. After 3 years of development, the league is constantly growing, and the footprint of Chi Shangbin has also taken all the country.

Chi Shangbin is also very concerned about the development of football in Guangdong. From 2016 to 2019, Chi Shangbin participated in the four consecutive four sessions, “China Football Celebrity Forum”, exclusive planned by Guangzhou Daily. In the forum, Chi Shangbin has contributed a lot of constructive views on topics such as young training, social football, and north-south football style.

For yourself, Chi Shangbin said: “Youth training is not an economic problem, but the problem of education. Some schools are afraid of problems, now there is no student to go downstairs now, let alone go to playground exercise. Student It’s all the scenery on the railing. This is the phenomenon of my friends. This way, the students’ body should do, don’t talk about the campus football. These two years of young training is a bit hot, whether it is a small sports school, social training Class, or the training of campus football, various modes can try to do it, but must be solid, very seriously do! ”

Author: Zhang Wei

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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