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  ”Finding opportunities, shooting” “Goodball” … October 29 On the same day, the first campus football culture festival of the school “Yin Cup” has ended. In addition to holding football league, parent-child football activities, the school is also organized with football related paintings, photography, essays and other work selection activities.

  Entering the campus, the football field of Juxing Primary School is very lively. If it is, football is a major feature in the campus, and the children active on the court are also a beautiful landscape. On the green field, the teachers taught serious, and the children kicked their strength. All this is not only because of their love for small football, but more importantly, the school’s football features create a platform for improved integrated quality.

  Since the school, Ju Xing Primary School has established a football culture as a brand, with football movement as a carrier, with the theme of football, and excavated “Music, Practic” in “Music”, and sublimated to football. Spirit, campus culture, and better reflect the school’s “health self-confidence cooperation”.

  Ju Xing Primary School incorporates football into the course, and sets the teaching courses according to the students’ development level to meet all members to participate in football. “Opening two to three football lessons per week, based on the age characteristics of the students, the branch professor students cultivate the ball, familiar with the ball, master the ball, pass the ball, the ball, etc., and integrate football into physical education Among them. Zhang Wenjie, Vice President of Juxing Primary, introduces the football character to make students fully understand football knowledge, participate in football, master football skills, effectively improve students’ interest in facilitators.

  Football, kicking, jumping rope … Every day, there the hindu news headlines is a time to be the most expectation of the students of the humensities of the primary school students.

  The school has produced 24 football propaganda boards, created “big class football”, through playing football, speaking football, football, etc., promotes football knowledge, popularizing football activities. Ju Xing Primary School also established a football school-based curriculum editing team, written by football professional teachers and sports full-time teachers.

  ”My dream is to become an excellent football player.” The fourth-grade flight is a member of the “Green Football Association”, and practicing the ball is quite serious. Juxing Primary School established a football community according to the football development plan. After layer selection, the community picks up 50 players, using the weekly community g9oogle news activities, layered, group training. On the basis of vigorously carrying out the football community, the school has established a football club, absorbing students who are interested in participating in football activities. The third grade of elementary school has a class representative team, the grade team, and school-level men and women’s football teams, basically reach all students to participate in football.

  In October last year, Ju Xing Primary School held the listing ceremony of Yangquan National Youth Sports Club, Football Training Base, and hired the city sports school football coach as the school’s foreign trainer. The school gradually forms a campus culture atmosphere combined with the football league as the center, radiation reading, writing, art creation, comprehensive practice, and ideological and moral construction, and “Runde, with the ball strong, to promote aaj ki news aaj ki news the ball The purpose of educating people.

  ”Next, the school will build youth football to foreign exchange, competitive and display platform, and actively promote discussions with other schools, continue to carry out photography, painting, essay, speech, handwritten newspaper, cheerler, etc. Cultural activities. Feng Yanbin, the principal of Juxing Primary School, introduced that the school promoted the development of school cultural construction “with a point” by the football course, and fully enhance students’ comprehensive quality. (Gu Chao)