Death is not the end of life, and forgetting is

In Spain and the Americas Indian, the Undead Festival is an important festival of a memorial delay. Although the Halloween that is popular in the world is in the same dd news english day, but it seems to carry more deep grief, and it has also been given more significance for home and return.

The late Nanta Bi Pioneer Born on October 31st, on the eve of the Denward Festival, he spent a 31-year-old birthday in heaven.

This summer, Bordeaux, Niot, Kato and Nante Four French clubs jointly organized a warm-up match, and the four-family music is a common: all the teams who have worked before Emiliano Sarah. With Bordeaux as the starting point, Nante is the end, because the whistling accident, Sara has left for more than two years, but everyone still remembers him.

This day is the birthday of Sara 31 years old. We can’t imagine if there is no sudden death, the excellent Argentine shooter of this method will become what kind of player, he is soon to land in the Premier League, to hug more When you have more hindi new paper unknown and challenged, it suddenly falls. Death is not the end of life, is forgotten, and these years, the friends of the fifty have always remember the antena of the Argentine that has been soaring here.

Time is returned to January 21, 2019. The time that is worried and painful, I just stayed with Nante team friend, ready to leave the figures for many years, and go to the Premier League to pursue the new challenge of Sala ride private aircraft Losing in the Islands of the British Channel Islands.

The news came, and many fans prayed to Sara in the photo of the Social Media. For a time, Sara ‘s security touched the entire fancy court, and even the whole world of football. The Nantes officially announced that the French Cup game of the night was postponed, and the next round of Aijia competition was also postponed. The Nanti Club officially sent a call to the fans, I hope they will pray for Sarah. The officials of each Aiji club have released the dynamics of pray for Sarah and all crew people.

“I am very shocked, Sara is a very good person, he is also a fighter, I pray for him and his family.” Handsome, the Italian elderly lanely, who was coached in the South Team, said in an interview.

“I can’t shape my feelings, Sara is a good person, kindness, I don’t know what to say.” French Football Sabunanoir has also served as Sarah in Bordeaux, he is learning The same is shocking. Because the police’s search and rescue work is difficult, Mbpe, Rabio and other players participated in the collection of Sarah lost aircraft, Messi, other Argentine fellows also called for continued to find Sara’s traces.

Finally, on February 7, 2019, the British police confirmed that the remains of the search and rescue were found in the sea, which was the Sarah, which means that Sara was crash, everything is indistinguishable. Come, the world’s football is sent to Sara, and when Nan Shiju, Harryjoji, who has flowed a tear in the event. In order to commemorate Sara, Nanti Club then announced the No. 9 war robe in the retired club.

Emiliano Sara leaving us, leaving a golden memory, just like the home of the South Team in the last effective, and his last glory in the 2018/19 season. Before leaving us, Sara was played in the front half of the season. It was built into 12 goals. At that time, the players in his arms were only in the big Paris trident in the year. Mbpe, Kavani and Lille Pepe.

He gave a 158-game war in Nante career, and he attacked 47 goals. Originally he will open a new chapter in the Premier League, but everything is completely destroyed, but every person who knows Sarah, every one and Sarah have done a teammate, each coached Sarah The coach will always remember him because he is modest, friendly, and diligent.

Sara’s parent team Bordeaux released the Sarah’s mourning on the official social media: “We can’t express the mood at this time, the mind is still your years, you just came to Bordeaux from the motherland, total It is polite, smiling, but you firmly, let you stand out in our coming. ”

In 2010, Sara, who is only 19 years old, from Argentina, the first stop is Bordeaux Qing training camp, although only 11 times a team of Bordeaux, but during renting Niot, Orleans, Kay, Sara Gradually stand out, and eventually fell to the sky after the transfer of Nantes.

In the first half of the 17/18 season and the first half of the 18/19 season, Sara became one of the most efficient shooters on the Gifice. He is always full of energy, spare no effort, he uses his own efforts and The strength has won the respect of everyone, and he still maintains humility and friendly, otherwise, he will not return to the Nan Te Club and the teammates who have played side by side after determining the news18 live tv news transfer of Cardiff City. What won’t think of it, this truth has become eternal.

“You should go to the Premier League at the age of 28. If this is not this accident, the British defender will realize that you are the warrior on the green field, just like all the leagues that you have, they will Strive for 90 minutes, no matter where you are, we all hope that football can accompany you, you will be happy with your goal. May you rest. ”

The parent team Bordeaux is a true contemplation for Sarah, and after this, every time Sarah, Nante, Bordeaux, and the whole world football will still send him prayers.

Sara, always with us, happy birthday, eagle from Argentina.

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