Dortmund entered Han! Participate in the football variety realist show to create a record

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SportFive /latest news in hindi at india Lagal Sports Global Exclusive Business Partner Dostmond Football Club’s winning football college and Korean content creation company be Kind Studio Soccer Content Channel “Shoot for Love” achieved a six-month joint project cooperation, production broadcast well-known The second season of the Football Variety Truth Show “World Class FC” is present, including the multi-aspect of the Dortmund Elite Camp, Coach THE COACH and MVP Kids Training. These projects will be carried out in Seoul and Dortmund.

In May this year, the “World Class FC” produced by the Shoot for Love Channel ended, and the program harvested the attention and favor of the majority of fans. The first quarter of the topic as “Genius”: Shen Tailong’s class skills “, tells the story of the Korean national team in front of the Korean team to help Korea’s outstanding score update teen players grow up.

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Dortmund winch football training camp, the training camp continued to expand its global footprints, and set up Dortmund Elite Training Camp and coaching program project in Seoul. In the 6-week Dortmund elite training camp, Korea’s most talented young players who carefully selected Korean youth scouts and Dortmund Youth coaches will make up the U11 World Class FC, accept 360 ° immersive training experience.

Two Dortmund coaches that were authorized by Europe, including the former Domunding team assistant coach, the Champion League champion and the German national team player Jurg Heinrich (J? RG Heinrich) will lead the plan. At present, Dortmund’s coaching team has selected the elite players in their hearts by passing the video materials that world health news today Dortmund, Seoul, and will further provide further details of these players in Seoul.

Dortmund coach team selection elite player

Last week, the two elite plan coaches have been successfully flying to Seoul, South Korea. After the end of this Dortmund Elite Training Camp, the three U11 players from “World Class FC” talented U11 will be invited to Dortmund, specialize in the Dortmund Youth Team. Training. In a 14-day project, these tall players will have the opportunity to participate in the friendly match, train with famous stars, participate in cultural events and visit Signer-Intona Park Stadium.

Two Damund coaches and Korean tall players

This show will play on the official Youtube and Facebook channels of Shoot for Love, and the Dortmund Football Club China’s social media channel will also bring you a wonderful fragment. Please watch!