Maca: Development is not as expected, Arsenio is uncertain in Real Madrid

Live Bar November 2, according to the “Maca” report, Arsenio is not clear in Real Madrid.

Arsenio’s contract will baby’s day out trip to china expire in 2023, now, dd news live 24×7 youtube this most promising player who was hailed as Spain face an uncertain future.

In 2017, the world is in the foot of the Arsenio, people even forecast that he will win the Golden Award in the future, but the reality is now his development trajectory and the people expected in the same year. In 2018, Liverpool had purchased this Spanish. At that time, people think that the idea of ??selling Arsenio is crazy, but now, the Arseniso is likely to happen.

The serious knee injury in Arsenus is already two years ago. After that, he did not find the best state as people expected and hope, he scored 7 goals last season, which is the first in the Real Tria. Two argments, but he never been a reliable scorener, and he can’t stand allegation to lead the team to win.

The hat trick to Mallorca looks like something happening in the parallel latest television news universe, because he times of india breaking news has almost no show like this before and after that game.

Since this season, Arsenio came to 11 times, three of whom first, the starting time is only 378 minutes, and the three goals come from the game of Maloro. He has a total of 6 feet, 5 times from the game of Maloka, and once is against Barcea.

Now Rodrigo is hurt, Arsenio may get a chance to get the right path at the offensive end, and now his appearance is higher than Azar, if the Arsenio debut in the game of miners, this will not feel Accident.

Now, in the hands of the Arsenovio, since he had a 90-minute full competition since February 6, he had a lot of things that he had to prove, and left him to prove that his time is not much. NS.

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