Manchester United Dynasty: Ferguson Manufacturing (serialized 47 Chapter 47 Xiaobecham Dreams)

Chapter 47 from the thermal thorn to Manchester United: Beckham Dreams

“I can sign a contract with the Dream of Manchester United, and can make the team’s team’s team, it is completely Bai Fergsen. In my career, I have never seen more coaches better than him.”


Recruit Giggs is already a huge surprise in Ferguson.

And because of his special way, Ferguson gets more surprises.

Another important achievement of Ferguson Youth Training, David Baker Ham, the process of entering the Manchester United Qingxun Camp is more common.

Beckham May 1975 born on 2 London Leytonstone, east London is here. London has always been the center of English football, has the largest football club in England. Beckham grew up with high athleticism, at the age of five fell in love with football.

Beckham had long accepted system of football training, he was 7 years old to join his father coached amateur team Reid Wheeler Worth team. Although to be little more than most children, but Beckham’s passing has been extraordinary and unambiguous, little body rounded out the blaze in the crowd, goal assists as cut melon vegetable. Beckham on behalf of elementary school Liruidewei Rangers, was “de Fifi” 5-a-side soccer championship, at the age of 11 has been famous in London. London several football clubs such as Arsenal scout, Tottenham, West Ham and Wimbledon both came to the door, hoping to recruit him to join.

Parents chose the Spurs, Beckham began in Tottenham youth echelon training.

Beckham later said in an interview: “to join Tottenham this matter, first I do not agree I am a loyal United fans, since childhood, I wanted to join Manchester United can play when I was too small. neither leave London. my parents wanted nearest to training, then consider the next step. ”

Although forced to join Tottenham, but Beckham did not change his love for Manchester United. David Beckham despite the club requirements, wearing a Manchester United shirt participate in the training, the reproach Tottenham’s youth echelon coach. In normal times, David Beckham and Manchester United all actively collect relevant. Worship star jerseys, shoes, Manchester United’s books, souvenirs, scarves and so on. He was very familiar to active players of Manchester United, is the most admired Robson. He not only imitate the action in training Robson, Robson learning technology, and even imitate Robson speak.

Into regular team training camp, everything step by step development, living in London Beckham to worry about only one thing, and that is Manchester are too far away, he could not climb too far apart, may seek to join the Red Devils .

Beckham said: “I can remember, playing for Manchester United is my dream once I lay in bed at night, surrounded by posters of Manchester United, the official Manchester United product bedspread is my worry: this has been my in the minds of the club, there may be found a little boy from south London, I am dreaming of going to Old Trafford to play. ”

Beckham efforts to have contact with Manchester United, when Manchester United legend Bobby know – when Charlton and FA jointly organized trials, he immediately enrolled. Beckham won the trials of skills project, got to go to Barcelona to visit the training incentives. Beckham Manchester United Complex on its head, he was like a little bee around Mark – Hughes – a former Manchester United striker spin, to “spark” to send best wishes, “I have always loved you very, ah, my uncle! you never forget those wonderful goals in Manchester United, sincerely hope you can come back effect! ”

This year, 11-year-old Beckham.

In November of that year, he came to Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

The fate of the two men began to have a wonderful intersection.

After returning to London, Beckham has been highly anticipated Manchester United scouts waiting for a phone call.

The final phone did not come to the Manchester United scouts – Malcolm – Fei Jien. Beckham was moved to tears, so that the first meeting of Malcolm loss.

Admiring Malcolm had already seen the little guy’s talent, after the interview, he strongly recommended that Manchester United recruit this small beets.

Ferguson, this time digging around football seedling, the news simply overjoyed. Beckham Manchester United this harbor special feelings for the child, even if the distance to fight for.

Ferguson quickly issued instructions Manchester United youth academy workout invitation to Beckham. Beckham came on time, participated in the competition dedicated to his arrangements.

Although nervous, but Beckham play is still very out of color. His solid foundation, running a positive, accurate passing, a very young age will have a rare big picture, not overly upstage and virtuoso, which gives Ferguson left a good impression.

Ferguson also has its own concerns. He and discuss youth team coach: “I think the child is too thin, too refined, and he does not seem to actively participate in combat, Manchester United will not reach the standard?”

Manchester United’s youth academy coach Harrison definitely abnormal, “This is a good seed, he is not afraid of confrontation, but in a normal reaction to an unfamiliar environment. We must leave him, his body, speed and power are able to tempered, I found this child is very conscious, there is a strong tactical ability, with unlimited growth! ”

Ferguson Beckham personally to call home, praise the child’s talent and performance. Ferguson said he was very surprised, was born in London but then rarely seen Manchester United so fond of the little guy. Some conversation I realized it was David Beckham’s love of Manchester United, the first source of his father. The amateur team coach, football fan, has been a die-hard Manchester United diehard.

Ferguson surge of interest, in order to solve such a young age Beckham to Manchester difficulties living alone, he convened a special staff meeting Manchester United teen department to study.

The meeting was very brief but very intense. Some people think Beckham figure is not high enough, too thin, the lack of absolute speed, it is hard to believe that he can adapt to high-intensity game, but Harrison’s opinions abnormal firm, “In any case, we must not miss this piece of jade, a not a genius!. ”

Ferguson agreed Harrison’s opinion, recognition of Beckham is a going astray.

The obstacle now is that Beckham is also too small, far from capable and professional team signed age. In the process of Beckham growing up, how to ensure that he and his family do not change, we remain determined to join Manchester United?

Malcolm Ferguson requires regular home visits Beckham family, let youth department closely follow Beckham’s growth. Ferguson instruct youth academy regularly invited Beckham to visit the training base Cliff, for even at the cost to send a shuttle bus.

Whenever Manchester United is played in London, Ferguson will not forget to invite Baker Ham to watch the game. Ferguson let Robson and Beckham sit together together, analyze the game, guide football knowledge, and share their experience.

Ferguson also instructed the club to give Baker Ham, he himself sent a jersey to Beckham as a latest news of india in english gift.

Beckham was moved, and a letter from Ferguson.

Ferguson received this pen and then very seriously said to Xiaobei: “Thank you, David, I will sign with you with this pen.”

This makes the Baker Hami look forward to it.

At the age of 13, Beckham finally can sign up with the team.

But the problem is existing, London and Manchester are too far away, and the 13-year-old child does not allow alone, but Bakerham’s parents can’t give up London’s work.

It seems that the thermal thorn is almost the only choice, even if his father is a firm Manchester United fans, it is impossible to let Baker Ham go to Manchester life alone.

Thermal thorns and Manchester United, reality and ideals, looks at the general distance.

Beckham listened to the parents’ suggestions and decided to face reality. He and his father have met at the time of todays online news the pierce coach – the Vanabus just returned from Spain. Wenwinter is busy, do not pay attention to these two guests. He asked the affairs of Beckhaw I came in the heart: “John, what do you have to tell me about this young man?”

“This guy is very good, we will sign him, let him become a part of our young training camp.”

“This kind of thing you are looking for youth coach, I have no empty tube!”

The thermal thorns actually have a person who knows the goods. Their final bid is very generous: now sign, the next two years, I will train, and then two years of training, you can turn into a professional player. The contract temptation of the thermal thorn is actually a lot. This will make Beckham to become a professional player. You can buy a Porsche motor car when you are 18 years old!

But Beckham finally refused, Venbrus dd sports live link attitude hurt him. Beckham’s father is even more indignation: “This guy does not respect people, you can’t join such a team, they didn’t take you as a thing.”

Venbris actually did not impress in the training that has been trained in the piercing, actually appeared in the arrogant appearance of himself, which made Beckham feel very uneasy.

This is too big to be too big compared to Ferguson!

Beckham decided to go to Manchester, if the Manchester United company provides a contract, and can solve the problem of Baker Ham alone in Manchester, then join.

Beckham is actually very inner, “professional contract? Salary? Porsche? I did not think too much about these, I hope Ferguson can give me a promise, it is best to give me a contract. Manchester United Qing training camp is very eager to talents But I know that they are very high. hindu news today The average person is actually very difficult. I am more special, and the children who are far from London to register the training. They have not tried such a situation. We look more Like guys who are not self-strength, the possibility of successful signing is not large. ”

Try to Manchester United is Try again on May 2, 1988, is the 13-year-old birthday of Xiaobei.

That day Manchester United met Wemenz team at home, Ferguson decided to arrange Beckham invite him to watch the game. Ferguson specially greeted Xiaofejia at the entrance of the stadium: “David, I wish you a happy birthday! Welcome you to watch the game, and welcome your family to Manchester United. After we finish the game, I have important things to discuss with you. ”

After the game, Ferguson and Lesco, who were responsible for young players, met with Beckham. Ferguson opened the door to say, “I am very happy that you can come, let’s talk about the contract. We want to sign David. Two years, two years, add two years, we will arrange David in Manchester Life. “He intentionally shakes the pen of Beckham, and smiles to indicate that he still remembers the agreement at the time.

For Beckham, this is a good news that dreams. Beckham, which was huge, hurt, immediately lighted, and the bright eyes of the crystalline stared at the family, and the things were afraid of any changes.

The parents of Beckham were also very satisfied, and there was no hesitation and agreed to Ferguson’s suggestion.

Ferguson explained the contract with Baker Ham and his family. The same is the same as other young training players to enter the Youth Training Camp for two years, and then enter the youth team officially signed, wait until the age of 18 can make a professional contract when it is effective.

More than Beckham satisfied is that Manchester United domain’s salary and treatment are much more than hot thorn, the first sharp-frustrated Baker Hamfather felt outwards. As a parent, they are also assured to Manchester United. Ferguson promised to arrange a homestay in Baker Ham near the training base and arranged his care and monitoring.

I finally signed it!

Beckham recalled this moment after many years, he said: “My mind is completely unexpected and joy, I can’t believe it all. Ferguson told me good news to shore, I I have been waiting for this moment. This is the best time I have grown up from the age of 13! I just remember that I was dizzy to write my name under the guidance of the adults.

Beckham said: “The dream is true, this is my best birthday gift! After signing the contract, I became one member of Manchester United. I can finally be effective for the team for this life. I am too happy, there is no way. I want to think about anything else! ”

This is the third year of Manchester United in 1988.

This year, he “grabbed” came to Beckham, this is the most handsome star of the British Sanyao, handsome to sweep the football! ”

Beckham gives up the thermal thorn, gives up the most famous Vanabur, leaving the hometown, walking Manchester United, which is completely Ferguson’s efforts.