Meditation: Manchester United is considering exempt from Dabu Star! Germany: Paris joins the goal of Bayern

Milan Sports News News, Manchester United is considering whether you seize the opportunity to sign from Szoovic.

The 28-year-old Broovic contract expires next summer, and the negotiation between the players and the club is not smooth. The india news news channel report said that the problem of treatment is the main reason for the reach agreement between the two sides. Gu Mi is only willing to pay 4.2 million pounds of salary, if you can’t reach a consensus, then this midfield will be free to transfer next year.

According to Milan aaj tak news paper Sports Report, in addition to the intermediary talks, Brozovic’s broker has also contacted many European giants, including Manchester United and Paris, and the Red Devils are seriously considering whether to grab this star, Sthoska team. This summer, the flowers have caused a number of stars, so it is obviously a very attractive choice to pass the Croatian.

German sky sports news, Paris preparation and Carim Adee Mi Launte negotiations.

According to the report, Adymi has been talking to Dortmund and Bayern, but now Paris has also joined the competition, and hindi news paper today aaj tak the giants of the law also put forward a very tempting prospect, that is, Adee Miki can take Mbpe And fighting with Nemar and Messi.

The 19-year-old contract is due in 2024, and the Red Bull striker in Salzburg has caused a lot of giants.

At the same time, German Sky national news in hindi aaj tak Sports also stated that although there was a rumor to renew the renewal of Gazley, in fact, the Germans and Bayern still have some details in the renewal negotiations, and of course the future will be likely to be Will reach a consensus.

Kyle, general manager of Dharmund, said that they still did not give up in the hope of Hallanda after the summer of next year.

When receiving the picture report, Kyle said: “Of course, we are working hard to create Dortmund to Hallant’s feeling of the best habitat, and he can still grow here. Maybe we can still convince He usa today top stories left.

We will fight for Harland, we will do everything effort. I haven’t made a decision yet, I bet 100 Euro Halland will leave. ”

Halland’s current contract was due, but it is reported that this striker has a liquidation of 75 million euros next year, plus floating bonuses, the total cost may reach 90 million euros.

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