Messi Pike relations have deteriorated again! The two have ignored each other and the battle will still continue.

On November 3rd, Messi had a “Spanish Sports” interview because of the injury, he also mentioned a lot of teammates, but only ignored Picker, dd up news live and the two were more than 20 years of friends, now being considered to be broken by everyone.

Sikk’s side has no signs with Messi, when Barcelona is parked last year, Messi hopes that all players stand up with the high-level confrontation of Barcelona, ??and Pike as a native player is silence, which is the beginning of their relationship rupture. . Because Messi and Picker, the Barcelona locker room and the name of the name are also divided into two factions.

Support Messi’s Suarez, Alba, Tertgen, Puyall also publicly supported Messi; but support Pik, there is Roberto, Busskitz, Umti and Glezite Man. Zhongli has Deloda, Fati, Philo, Langlai, Dengbelei, Kuttigno, they have new come, some are just to lie flat game, some are people whisper, then look two Adult fight.

When Su Yarez was abandoned, this Barcelona has been destined to Messi is a failed. Even if Messi is 50% of the salary, aaj tak hindi samachar Barcelona is still reluctant to continue with Messi. It is understood that when La Palt once consulted Picke, Maxi had any impact on Barcelona after leaving, Picken said there is no impact. With the support of Picke, Barcelona has begun to Meishi. process.

After Messi learned this, the relationship between the two was completely broken. After Messi left, the combat power and influence of Barcelona had a huge impact. Barcelona cnn viral video of the day has become a team in the middle of the La Ora League, but this is also the way to adjust the will, Manchester United, Juventus, Milan, and Real Madrid have experienced This painful stage.

But Messi and Picker’s battle will continue, it is the future right to speak in Barcelona. Picke does not have to say, before Picke, Picke began to enter the management of Barcelona, ??which is why it is in maintenance of Barcelona management in the arrears, and Pickeng family has a high-management in the club; Messi In the interview, live breaking news in hindi it clearly said that he would return to Barcelona. Regardless of the identity of the player or the identity of the player, Messi is not here.

In the future, in the competition of Barcelona, ??Messi and Picker’s battle will continue.

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