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The ideal world of “football pole”

The services provided by various professional data companies are mainly for two types of groups: professional clubs and professional media.

For the former, the amount of data provided is very rich, because more and more professional coaches, athletes and managers are more willing to speak with data, with data-based analysis competition, look for answers.

The latter is also the propagation information, presenting a game, and the need to provide entertainment.

Every Premier League, the Champions League, the Bundesliga League, and the sake of the La Liga and the League League, there will be some data statistics like a small honeymunications.

A close-up of the “Guardian” reprinted, specially tracked a statistician named David Rey, see how he is Martin Taylor, John Motoson, Peter Duri Such comments are supported by the big names.

David describes its work and belongs to the ideal world of “football”. His career begins with Spain, and the undergraduate major in the early university is sports news. He has served the Real Madrid TV and BT Sports Production Company, and it is now freelance.

His work main body is to provide data services for sports events such as BT Sports.

“The packets we made every game are not only distributed to the scene commentators, David,” the host, commenting the guests, and contestants, all need rich data. ”

In terms of recontronics and commentors, this packet is the key to the game broadcast. Instead, it is a football profession, the guests before the game, the midfielder and the comment review, although it also pays attention to such data, but it is a self-desirable attitude. Everton Gate puts the habit of the Western Hamlian player’s penalty in Picker’s water bottle.

Everton Gate Pigs the Western Hamlian player’s custom penalty in the water bottle of Picker

Word document 40 pages

A football match, especially the high-level European league’s packets, almost difficult to measure the number of words – because each game is included in the consequences, the former follow-up, every participant, each participant, each side Each detail involves endless information.

The current state of the two participating teams, the record of the past hand, each player in the team, the past results and professional characteristics of the two team coaches, etc., it has been greatly viewed.

A Premier League, which is like BT, provides a packet of the commentator before the Premier League game, at least 25,000 words – the commentator who has got this packet can prove.

today live

Premier League official signal production, the data package provided, even if the league is ranked, the Word document is basically 40 pages.

Such a massive data is already the result of David, and such a packet, eventually spread through the commentator’s voice, but the total amount of data package information is up and down – – Most of the data belongs to the “preparation of unhappy” reserves.

Stochastic “packet”

As for the professional club data mining and data refining, it is the topic of another dimension.

European Five League Clubs, data analysts are standard. These data analysts, future career future is an assistant coach, club manager. And data analysts for media services, more people who take the data to tell the story, they are not well known, future career prospects is more likely to produce people and latest news channel other media management positions.

In order to find a data with spread value, these analysts work during the time of the game, often “Mo Test, Music” scene: Champions League broadcast, commentator wants to know when Chelsea defender Christienson happened when – Chelsea fans know that this is the first ball of 137 games since Denmark, but who can remember that his goal is a cost-to-Gradbach, in the European Union Cup on Schalk 04’s goal?

However, David Rey has made a timely confusion. These seem to be extremely fine, even the data of the side angle, all in his fingertips, in his computer data storage, and he has its own unique way, search for the data he wants through the very fast keyword Answer.

Each game, between the true high level of broadcast, between the commentator, the producer, the main, the host, and the data aaj ka samachar aaj ka samachar analyst has a large number of exchange interactions. Everyone is to better present games. Provide better media products to get business benefits.

Even if it is a possible data such as the next goal of Christtensen, it may become a positive impression of the audience in the process of playing the audience.

So the commentator Duri will say: “Prepare a game, you can invest great time and energy, but every game will exceed your expected situation.”

“Under the ideal situation, each commentator, everyone who says the ball, of course, I hope I can complete all the preparations, but in fact, we are getting stronger and stronger about this ‘data package’.”

“Traditional neocontrollers will use a A4 paper, cover your own information points in minimalism, now just relying on this paper, it is impossible to deal with various variables in the field.”

You can find data before 120 years ago

Third-party data collection of sports events has been more than 30 years of history. It is truly providing professional media to provide corresponding data services.

Like Thaille, Druley, the British Profeter League, will attach great importance to the database like the British football archives – can pay attention to the inheritance of their own football culture like England, and collect all the information of the professional league in more than 100 years. The public file is indeed rare worldwide.

This archive is a record of the early season of the professional league. It is now Of course, it is very rough, but even the 1888-1889 season, the basic information of the two sides of each game is never lacking – this archive has been accumulated 234,182 The relevant information of the game, 46151 players.

Such archives must inevitably build the cornerstone of data analysts to build their own work material.

Find the fastest speed

The race is always the most tense of this part of the data. It is most likely to make mistakes, and it is also the most prone to colorful moments, because everyone has to face the unbeatable – sports competition is the world’s most unpredictable live show. Unless we see a fake ball …

Each game, there will be the challenge of the statisticist, such as the striker Dhaka Dhaka, nearly joining Leicester, and the data analyst is the most. Find out quickly, see who is the player who is the fastest hat trick, who is the UWC hat play player, who is the next European Union Cup, a player player …

David and his partner, found the results at a lightning speed: the next visited team player in Moscows Bada, is Brazilian people in the Moscow Central Army in July 2008, they will be the fastest speed Data is passed to the commentator.

What excited analysts is that Dhaka not only completed the hat trick, but also staged a big four happiness – this new aid in the third European association competition in Lest City, it became Leicester City. The best shooter of the European Taiwan …

The story is still extension – someone wants to know, who can play a big four?

David Reile said that he did not check the database at all, telling the commentator at the fastest speed: “In 2009, Alzen in Anfield’s Liverpool and Arsenal 4 to 4 flat game, one person covered Arsenal 4 ball.”

Reude said that he is a Liverpool fan …

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