"Double Reduce" policy! What new changes in the schools in Kaili?

2021, since the autumn in the autumn, since the beginning of the school,

Kaili school actively implemented the “double minus” policy,

Reduce the development of the promotion, give full play to the main position of the educated people,

Continue to stimulate campus vitality.

In the context of the “Double Reduction” policy,

What new changes in each school? What new courses have been opened?

What exclusive “secret recipes”?


Let’s take a look at the reporters of the Media Center of Kaili City.

In Kerry, the job counseling is a relatively conventional class delay service, which is mainly hosted to 17:40 after the work that the parents can’t get on time after the end of the job counseling.

Of course, cnn news18 in order to let students have more different experiences after the class, Kaili is small, starting from the children’s interest, opening chess, model, table tennis, basketball, etc., after-class delay service, let students With more choices, enriching the life-class life also promotes the comprehensive development of students.

In Kaili six small, the couries, muddles, muddle, learning knitting, etc., have been praised by many parents, and everyone praised the truly exercise and strengthening of such a class. The child’s handmade and life skills.

“Passing the ball, shooting …” At the sunset, a small figure galloped on the green field, despite the sweat slipping from the face, but did not affect their love for football. “Trouet?” “Not tired! The exercise makes me healthier, happier.”

On the green field of the khabar ndtv news four small Jinxi Lane Campus of Kaili, a full-time teacher “Happy Football” will hold a full-time teacher “Happy Football” after Monday and Thursday, and the male and female classmates are competitive, happy to run, you will compete for me, attack and defense. Intense, small football affects everyone’s gaze, and there is a burst of laughter and cheering, and the campus youthful and vigorous vibrant.

It is worth mentioning that the delay service teachers after the four small classes of the football after class is from the professional football club – the coach of Miaoling Football Club in Guizhou.

“Side of the foot, front, inside, outside, laminated ball, slider, dial, tapping, upload, head, free kick and shoot …” Under them with targeted and interesting training, More and more children voluntarily join the football training today local news in hindi team, in addition to experience the fun and passion of football, the children can learn football with self-confidence, enhance their physical and mental health, and broaden their horizons. .

“We have carried out such training every Monday and Thursday, divided into senior groups and low-grade groups, warm-up, centralized training, self-training every time, children’s enthusiasm is very high.” Southeast Miaoling Football The Coach of the Club told reporters.

Not only that, the king coach said that after such a post-class delay service is a good thing in one fell swoop. “The first is to enrich the life after class, enhance your physical fitness. Second, we can conduct more professional training for children who have talented or love football in football, but also for Kerry’s football reserve reserve.”

For the proposed “Such professional teacher, if the team’s football training will popularize other schools”, the reporter learned that Kerry is a pilot, and then the post-class delay service will also enter Kerry, including township. More schools in the inside.

“We also hope that through the post-class delay service, there is more football kids to stand out, becoming the main army of Kaili football.” Kaili four small relevant person in charge said.

Kaili is the place where the Southeastern Miao Dai Autonomous Prefecture is the state of the province, the whole state, the economy and cultural center, is China’s Baqiang County and Guizhou Province. Kaili is a Miao-dominated, multi-ethnic group-gathering emerging cities, known as “Miao Ming Pearl”. In recent years, we have won the “National Health City” “National Health City” and “National Water Savings Cities” and “Miao Dynasty Medicine and Health Township” “Chinese Green Soups” “National Green Water Model City” Qingshan’s title of Qingshan Ecological County. Entered the comprehensive reform pilot of the national China and medium-sized cities, the third batch of national new urbanization pilots, the first batch of national bus urban construction created the city, selected a list of the first batch of innovative counties (cities). 2020 won the national civilized city.

Kai Su has the “Lusheng Hometown” “The Township of the Oriental Bullfighting”, there is a simple and rich ethnic national style, there is a Miao flying song like Tianzhu, the song, there is a colorful sectic, embroidery, silver and other national crafts, Unrestrained reed grand event, there is a wonderful bullfight contest, launched a “Kaili 18 dishes” specialty dining. Combined as “Open-air Original Ethnic Culture Museum” “The home of human tired soul” “The world’s most friendly tourist destination”.

Kaili has landscape scenery, historical and cultural, and the national style is blended in Qingshuijiang, Bala River, there is a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot of “Tiancheng Shanshui”, there is “the longest and widest” Qingshui River in the world. The bridge, Yungu Tianyuan, a model of the integrated development of the farmers, and the “one garden reading the southeast” of the Miao Welfare Garden, and the majestic “Qianyang First Mountain” incense burner mountain. The United Nations World Cultural Protection Foundation is listed as “return to the real return, returning to the nature” world’s top ten tourist scenic spots and “World Minority Culture Protection Circles”, which is the tourist distribution center in southeastern Guizhou.