"Kick off the attack and attractive football !?" Rehabilitated 2 years four handsome timelines

Live download today the hindu newspaper pdf Bar November 2 Day News Beijing Time Tast night, pike announced that Kongtie’s arrogant team, this is the fourth head coach since 2 years.

Sky sports tidy the talent coach in recent years.

August 2018

Thermal thorn became the first Summer window in history. Posheno did not openly boycott the club, and the Temperature taught coach said: “The club has made great efforts, trying to extend the player’s contract, such as Keen. Retaining the best player is our goal, we do.”

Such conditions have been continued until January 2019, which is still not attracted in winter. Poshen said: “We are very clear that the summer is always difficult, but the situation in winter is more difficult. I don’t expect new aid to join, but if we have the opportunity to introduce the right player, we should try, we always Think about how to improve lineup. logo aajtak ”

May 2019

Before the European finals, Pochtino hit him to leave the team: “In this case, in such a season, (if) can lead the hot thorn to win the Champions League, maybe I need to do something different in the future. ”

“Because if you want to copy the miracle, you know that it is impossible.”

July 2019

Once again, I was asked with the club’s transfer situation, and Poecinno said: “Maybe the club needs to change the description of my title, because my current work is a coaching team. This is not what I am responsible, this is the problem of the club. ”

That summer, the pileshot of 55 million pounds, the history record of 55 million pounds, and other items also included Belw Tween, Seeney and Jack – Clark.

November 2019

After 14 points, Pechentino will under The team is in the English-Character, the League Cup is the taza samachar in hindi third round of the championship, and the Champions League was humiliated by Bayern 2-7.

President Levi said: “We are very reluctant to make such a decision, this is not the decision made by the board of directors.”

“The board of directors must make a difficult decision, but we do this is for the benefit of the club.”

November 2019

After the appointment of Murinio less than 24 hours, Levi said: “We have one of the most successful main coaches in the football. He won the championship in each of his family, we believe he will give the team. Bring your vitality and belief. ”

April 2021

On the eve of the League Cup, Mourinho was fired. This is www the hindu tamil nadu news that he left a club in the case of not winning any tournament since 2002.

Lei said: “On the personal level, I enjoy it with him, but I regret that things are not as successful as we think.”

May 2021

In the public statement of the fans, Levi wrote: “We realize that you should choose a coach that can react the talented values, with a thermal thorn style – flow, attack and attractive – re-kick the ball.”

June 2021

It is reported that the talents are in contact with Kongtie, but the negotiations will soon break, alleged that the thermal thorn is not willing to meet the requirements of Kongti.

June 2021

Thermal thorns were a coach.

November 2021

Just taking a team 10 league, Nunno is fired.

November 2021

Thermal sprint official Xuan Kong is a new handsome, and the two sides signed for approximately 2023.


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