[Case Interpretation] The fourth round of the Champions League, Barcelona won lucky!

The four rounds of the Champions League, the eight games of the first game have all passed, and Xiaobian has seen a few games of the game. I didn’t find too much dispute, but several of them were worth learning. We do some sort out and interpretation of the penalty of several games in this round.

First of all, we watched this wheel took the lead in Malmmer’s home to meet Chelsea’s game, it was thought to be a game, and the result was that Chelsea had only one ball, and Malmmer got many opportunities in the game. Chercyan players Harvard twice fell in the free throw area, exclusive news the referee did not say, let’s take a look at these two sentences:

In the opening for 3 minutes, Harvard turned and fell to the ground and the opponent’s body was in the body. The referee did not say, but from slow lens playback, this goal we believe should be sentenced to Harvard.

Seeing this, I thought of Dynamo to Dynamo, Dynamo, Parza, Padi, creating a penalty, under the VAR prompt, the referee canceled.

The basics of Fatti and Harvard, is Fati kicked the next step, and the referee sentenced the taxi to a clear and obvious mistake. Therefore, VAR is must be involved, and the referee will correct his own The penalty is canceled. The penalty is a foul, and the other person kicks directly freely.

Let’s take a look at Harvard twice in the first half, fell in the free throw area:

This is the body confrontation of both latest news in hindi news18 parties. This kind of contact is reasonable, so the referee will continue to be correct. Similarly, we will look at Dynamo and Barcelona, ??Kiev Darmo has fell twice in Barceloni, and the referee did not make a punishment.

For these two disputes, I believe that many people have their own sickness, in fact, this field is relatively relatively relatively relatively loose. On the first Aga-push action, this shot is slowly played back, and in fact, in the actual game is just a moment, we think that this is not enough to make the player so exaggerated, so we support the referee’s sentence. Both Both sides suspected of fouling, VAR did not introduce I think it was correct.

In addition, yesterday’s football team, Delgado scored a foul before going forward, in fact, in fact, in contact with the body, we believe that the physical contact such as players in the professional league is reasonable.

Of course, this kind of body is in contact, we think that it is reasonable, but if the referee is more strict, it is not clear, and the variety is not clear. VAR is also unable to intervene.

Comment on these two games, let’s take a look at Juventus attending the game of Zenite, Juventin 4: 2 defeats the opponent, two rounds in advance, the 55th minute of the game, Juventus gets the opportunity! Breakthrough in Kasa left, causing fouls of the other players! Dibara main penalty, I can’t punish the ball for the first time, but the referee said that someone mentioned in advance! The second time Dibara is a score

This penalty is a meaningful thing. The first time Dibara flew, but the referee indicated that the defenders entered the free throw in advance and should play the ball.

In fact, the defending is still very clear, the referee is very clear, and the playing ball is also correct. But we don’t discuss this, we discuss the position of the goalkeeper. Football Competition rules stipulate that when the ball is kicked, the defensive party must contact the goal line part of a part of the foot or flush with the goal line.

When you look carefully, before Dibara, the defending goalkeeper does not actually stand on the goal line, but standing behind the goal line, playing in the ball, his right foot forward Stepping, news 7 tamil live streaming is this behavior to be allowed? Welcome everyone to leave a message in the message area!

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