118-115! Mitchell missed killed, Lori cut three pairs! Heat end jazz three consecutive wins!

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On November 6, Beijing time, the Football Cup Organizing Committee announced the issue of issues that Shandong Taishan team and Henan Lushan Longmen first round Liu Jiahui violated regulations. In the statement, the Football Association said that Liu Jiahui has not been suspended due to statistics. The results of this game are valid, and Liu Jiahui’s suspension will be implemented in the next round.

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After this announcement was released, the enthusiasm of fans and media people quickly caught up. The illegal use stop players are still effective, so this rule is probably only one of the world football. Many fans Football Shirts Wholesale indicated that this is the basis for the Chinese football milestone. It provides a reference for the future, but also makes Chinese football once again become the public’s laughter.

Mbappé JerseyDelogan administrator Zhu Yi said that such processing results are the first time in history, if this happens? Summit Li Wei directly opened, she wrote on social media: “Don’t face, you continue.”

The fans’ expression is more straightforward, and there is a fan that is not surprising that there is anything happening in the Football Association. There is also a fans representing the degree of amateur, the Football Association is definitely the most professional.

In the face of fans and media people, the Football Association directly closes comments, so that the fans are nowhere. After such processing results, the influence is not only the reputation of Chinese football, but also is also very huge for fans.

The two rounds of the competition will be conducted immediately. If the Temple Mount Taishan team can advance everything, and once the Tamsama team is eliminated because the total score is eliminated, it may arouse greater people.

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