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  In 2021, the World Football Golden Globe winner floated the water, not C Luo, nor Lai Wan. So who is he? Netizen hot discussion should be seen in the blood: he is Messi from Saint-German, Paris. No way, this is the comprehensive strength, can only serve, how, can only show that your pattern is worse than others. The Golden Globe is not a matter of Mero, and the World Cup next year is the last chance of the two, but unfortunately there is only one champion. So far, there is no one who can truly shake Messi C Ronali. And the seven golden ball awards, this record will not be surpassed. La Wan is really a pity, personal is good, it is also relatively stable in this past few years. Everyone knows that Messi’s performance, especially the national team has nothing to say. Two old guys in Messi and C Ron, I hope that the World Cup will be more close to next year! If he can’t get on the top, I hope that it is Nemal. I respect Messi, but I think La Wan is better. The Golden Globe Award is more suitable for people in 1 year, rather than considering the comprehensive performance of the past 10 years. In fact, Lawan only has data, Messi has data and team honors, do not give Messi who, where is it in the past ten years?


  If you only look at the data in 18 years, you should give Messi, that year Messi is the best data, even the Laylia Championship with the King Cup champion, but Messi is only ranked fifth. Many people directly ignore Messi last year’s scent boots, there are still many assists. More than the honor they say that the American Cup has no gold, the same five major league gold boots than the data is more than a million. The golden ball will consider the team’s honor and personal data. The player data is difficult to reflect, so they are very losses, which is called by the honor, but the Golden Games must also look at the data, Spain contest 3 series Nothing, Soccer Jersey Discount Germany, France takes a golden ball in the World Cup. It is impossible to make a layer of other people. Many people have a 10-year golden ball, which player came to 91 goals. Come to Wan to have a 91-ball god data, and someone is still dissatisfied with others. If the bird is interesting than the honor, but the middle lap player is losing, it is better than the data, and can’t do it. The Golden Award is a personal award, and the honor data should be considered. Mero is now estimated to have a Qatar World Cup. It is really possible to get the best discussion in history.


  The golden gold standard is the Golden Globe Award? What is the original assessment standard for Manchester United Jersey the Golden Globe Award? The same five years of the four-year-old Cup, other champion team players, such as Malfi Mino, and the intellectual team won the championship, why did the first three nomination? That is to say, the previous Journal of Cup is not enough to evaluate the Golden Games, now Argentina won the championship but can you? Anyway, this is a selection trophy. For players, the honor records kicked out on the court are important than the selection award outside the court. The Golden Globe, if there is no obvious advantage, it is an impression award. Now Mero is the end of your career, I hope that Mero will meet Mero next year, to meet the perfect period for the generation of double arrogance! I hope that Messi can retrieve the state as soon as possible, La Wan is unfortunately, and C Luo continues to keep. Originally, Football Shirts Wholesale I didn’t get some different voices. Messi this year is very good, there is a championship, who does not give Messi? If someone in the European Cup won the champion, and there are 10 games that go to the ball, I think Messi should not have much hope. Whether it is true, Messi is matched with the golden ball this year!


  Although recently due to a lot of injuries, it is not possible to cover up before, hard Parcearer and the excellent performance of the Argentine American Cup. The Golden Globe is in Harvey, Xiaobai, Ribei, Robben, and Snee I have lost it after I didn’t get it. Although Mero is strong, it is also necessary to encourage other players who play a core role. Lionel messi Jersey Messi’s biggest expectation is the World Cup champion, other light, I know Messi! I don’t care if I don’t care, I only hope that Messi is healthy and can play a few years. Everyone is dissatisfaction is the system player, did not transfer to the 5th league, and pulled it in this sixth league. Moreover, in order to win the key moment, it is not good, only scams, or how to get the golden ball. Messi fans really hopes to reissue last year’s Golden Games, one is that La Wan is prepared last year, and the second is that Messi has no opponent this year, and it is very happy. In fact, the moment of re-championship won the championship, it is destined, the Golden Globe Award! Messi is too brave in the Americas Cup, the best shooter, the best player, and the assists! Messi went to the law, the French media natural calls were high to Messi, but they showed that the data is not as good as C Ronal and Lawan sustainable goals or key goals, La Wan and C Ron are more suitable for this Golden Games.


  Thank you for your concern, thank you for your accompanying road, I will continue to cheer!

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