4-2! 4-0! Guholds lock Paris cycle 2nd crown, women’s singles, division, rushing 4 single championships

On September 23, Beijing time, according to the “Beijing Youth Daily” news, the Football Association has added “certification materials” to Chelsea Jerseythe International Football Player’s identity, which means that the Football Association recognizes Jiang Guang too, no accident, He will soon become a state. However, Chabenhua believes that the origin is a shame of Chinese football.

Previously, the national football team already had Li Ke, Aixson, Luo Guofeng 3 martial arts, but the national football is not enough, in the absence of Li Kehe Aiken, the national football team lost in Syria, flatting the Philippines . In addition,Mbappé Jersey Luo Guofu has been injured.

Although the national football does not play, the attribution work has been in progress, and the Alan and Fisan are basically determined to be selected in the next period. As the striker, the state of the two can be bitable, and the Alan is active in Guoan. Although it is not the main force, the goal is very efficient, so Alan will be unhappy, I hope to kick in Guoan; Fisan has achieved it. Goal, and personal capabilities are commendation.

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Now, the sixth placenta will be released soon, that is, Jiang Guang! The Football Association has submitted Jiang Guangtai’s information. After the decision is in recent implementation, Jiang Guangtao can obtain representative national football team. Before this, he did not have violations even if he participated in the October.

However, Chainnang sounds, “Originalization is a kind of brocade, which is a fierce medicine that we want to be immediate. For people who engage in Chinese football, we have to remember this slap, and even speak, this is a Misoxia, this is a shame of Chinese football. “

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Objective, the national football is indeed very urgent, too wants to enter the World Cup, otherwise, the national football is not necessary to spend great price. Even Garath can’t play a national football, but the annual salary exceeds 10 million euros.

On the other hand, the fans also hope that the national football team can enter the World Cup, which is the contradiction point.

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The fans sound, “Qiqing is problematic, do not solve, to solve the inventory? How much this is to do with the full level. I know that you can’t work, just don’t work hard, I always want to succeed quickly, and I was hit once again. Slap. “

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