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“Pay attention to the run!” On the football field, the athlete reminded the teammates, while flashing … This is a scene of the reporter on November 11th in the country. At this time, there are several football fields here, and the whistle is coming, and the air is filled with youth. The weather is getting colder, and the football teachings in the Qingjun Center are still hot.□ Sichuan Daily full media reporter Deng HanexplorePromote the new model of “sports + N” rural resolution  In October last year, the national southern and subjected football competition base officially unveiled in the Neijiang City, the project covers an area of ??about 700 mu, divided into two joint construction. Planning construction 46 professional football fields and supporting projects are the international football competition center, the largest, integrated training, event, sports and leisure, sports tourism, Southwest China, can meet the professional team training and various event requirements, At the same time, you will have no less than 1,000 people who are routine training and competitions.  According to General Manager of Frankfurt (Sichuan) Football Young Training Center, the national southern and subjected football competition base has been built and 26 professional football fields. At the same time, it is matched to build a high standard athlete apartment in the construction of an area of ??30,000 Mbappé Jersey square meters. It can achieve 1300 people at the same time of accommodation and 2,000 people, and the five-poinse lake oxygen bar football center in nearly 20,000 square meters is also built. With the continuous improvement of hardware facilities, the Competus Base has introduced 2020 Provincial Youth Football Championships, the 14th National Games Football Project Qualifier, 2021 Sichuan Youth Football Championships and other national, provincial major event activities, and long-term Carrying the training team of the provincial football team.  ”Through the event of events, training, activities, it has already accumulated more than 100,000 to the small town, and the platform live traffic is 40 million, which guides the rural flow economy. While bringing the income for local residents, the town has added Liverpool Jersey employment There are more than 100 positions. “观 观 旭 自 地 地 地 地 发展 发展 发展 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式 模式Transform“Physical Education Integration” promotes the development of campus football  On March 6, 2020, the German Frankfurt Football Club was integrated into a “kernel” to build a football, and created a precedent for the introduction of domestic township education internationalized brands.  The German Frankfurt Club specially sent three European Po. Class A Class A Coach to Neijiang, and equipped with 5 Chinese coaches, forming a coaching team of Qingjun Center.  ”Hello!” When the reporter saw Cheap Soccer Jersey the German coach Mark at the base, he can use Chinese to communicate with the people around you. The staff of the Qingjun Center revealed that Mark is studying in Chinese, and also ask them to make a job.  At present, the Youth Training Center has successfully completed the admissions and enrollment of the three teams. These team members were born in 2006, 2008 and 2009 (a total of 59 people from Chengdu, two from Neijiang). In addition to receiving higher levels of football training, students have entered the Weiyuan County K12 public school competitive school. After class, the German coach will conduct a special teaching for them for 1-2 hours of football.  ”The German coach brings them” from the dolls “, including technology, tactics, physical fitness, physical fitness, Lionel messi Jersey rehabilitation and other comprehensive, scientific training systems, and our base has a strong hardware advantage.” 观 观 旭This model can make students’ learning and football training, reaching the goal of cultivating composite talents.  After 4 weeks of Qing training Center, the team from Chengdu was held in the Chengdu Youth Campus Football League (T League Junior Middle School), Yang Zhihan was a member of this champion team. He said that he has liked this town, “the Marker coach made me a new understanding of football.”layoutBuild a “football pyramid” system  According to Yan Ju Xu, the next step, Frankfurt (Sichuan) Football Young Training Center will start admissibility selection in the province, all age groups, to create a competitive school into Sichuan Province football specialty demonstration school, strive to build a sustainable development Soccer pyramid system.  First of all, there will be free of charge of football interest in football interest in the Neijiang City Primary and Secondary School. Each school has organized school football team, through daily training, confrontation, event, campus football atmosphere; Second, sports teachers in all football characteristics of Neijiang Training with football coaches, consolidating teachers. This top floor of the pyramid will have a boutique event, which has promoted and promoted and promoted and promotes the promotion of campus football development and level of Neijiang City. Realize the government, enterprises, and society.  冉 观 观 旭, this is the first international brand cooperation in the first true meaning of domestic football. It is reported that in addition to the introduction of German young training systems, the cooperation will also promote the exchange of Sino-German football culture. Each year organizes excellent football coaches, sports teachers to the Frankfurt Club exchange, and organize China’s outstanding young football players to the Frankfurt Club for a one-month learning training, and organize Sino-German Youth Friendship Sai to go to China.

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