The Chinese Football Association conducted a training in Chongming

A few days ago, the Shanghai Football Association No. 11 “China Football Association D-class Trainer Training Class” started from the Delong Sports Football Training Base in Xinhe Town, 21 coaches from Shanghai and Chongming Football Clubs participated in the training.

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In a 7-day training, the A-level lecturer of the Chinese Football Association conducted in-depth explanation of the basic theory, coaching skills and related competition rules, and also arranged the training of venues. Through theoretical combination of practical ways, students feel that they have harvested in both training theories and practices.

The D-class trainer is mainly Chelsea Jerseyresponsible for the daily training guidance of young athletes, and is the way to become a professional football coach. Starting in 2015, Chongming created the national football area, not only the famous football base founded by Xu Genbao, but the grassroots football is also a red fire.

At present, the 20 football clubs in the whole area are active on the green field, and all the amateur football events are Manchester United Jersey booming. The level of level D level coaches will improve the level of Chongming youth football, and it has an important promotion role in Chongming football area.

Reporter: Zhang Liverpool Jersey Yongchang

Photography: Chen Chong

Editor: Zhang Yueyang

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