The course will be questioned. C Running the team’s number three in the team. Manchester United is open. Who’s pot?

EDG wins, experts: There is no future in Chinese football, and the electrical competition will replace football.

Recently, a famous expert, the Internet large V, the famous scholar, issued an article in his Weibo

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He is very clear, indicating that the next generation of young people have basically abandoned football, and the new generation is about to choose e-sports for their most lovely sports. They used them as young people, they love volleyball and football. Recently, his observations found that football has no influence of the year.

And young people love this item of e-sports. With the end of the World Cup competition of the League of Legends, the e-sports team from China has won the World Cup champion, and the e-sports fan has burst fierce, and even some special celebrations, many of them are unbearable. However, compare football, it is more favored, and even more love.

From the network, the movie and photos of the network can be found, there is a large group of students to hold the EDG team gather in the campus, and shout “EDG 牛!” One of the films, there are students who will be EDG. Flags up the flagpole.

After the incident, the school also attracted the sound, and the school was also urgently responded. After the EDG won the championship, the individual e-sports enthusiastic sentiment was excited, and the flagpole was vacimated in the South Campus campus, but was found and stopped in time by the school. There is no way to lower the five-star flag. The school emphasizes that the relevant details of the school is further investigating, verify.

In addition, many students have issued an exaggerated sacrificial text before the game, and their respective campaign, including the girls who wrote “EDG”, boys in the crotch, and directly from the toilet, etc.

And we can oppose the current situation of the recent football, indeed a strong people.

The Chinese team’s recent results are very bad. They imitate Manchester United European giants, choose DNA Moi Li Tie, the results are not very ideal, especially if he stubbornly crafted, and the phenomenon that is induced by foreign aid. They are confused. They anger Li Tie is a stubborn coach who will only blow the hair. It is no wonder that the fans have lost their patient confidence.

However, the Internet is remembered. This expert was discovered by netizens. In fact, he is itself a hate party for Chinese football fans, extremely annoying, but now I say that I love football, I really don’t know what he is.

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Although now the national football is low, we are also in the dark moment of Chinese football, but believe that the sun is always in the wind and rain, because it is said that this batch of 05 is very outstanding, then a three or five years, maybe our football fans will usher in Radix the moment.

However, because of the reasons why the economy is not booming, it has been continuously violent, I hope that we can bring our motherland, which can be accompanied by him, and achieve brilliant!

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