The Golden Globe Award is not closed, and Mr. football is coming again.

Official: Mr. World Football announced on January 17

FIFA official announced the 1221 year-end awards. The relevant Chelsea Jerseyvoting will begin on November 22, December 10. On January 17 next year, the ultimate award ceremony will be held in Zurich, Switzerland, and the awards involved in the selection will include 11 awards such as Mr. World Football, Miss World Football, Puscash Award.

Messi Golden Ball Message Leak? French football editor: nonsense

Recently, there are many news sources that Messi will receive a personal seventh golden trick, “French football” editor PASCAL FERRE said: “In the past ten days, we have heard a lot, it is a nonsense. The bluff.” At an interview, Pascal Ferre said that Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey the winners will indeed know the results in advance, but they should be around November 20.

Boaga national team training injured, or absent 8 weeks

According to a number of French media news, in the local time, in the French national team training, Manchester United Zhongfang Bo Gaba suffered the right leg contained four-headed muscles. “Team” is expected that Borga will ablate 8 weeks. According to the live image of the Monte Carlo Radio, the French team’s shooting training, Borga suddenly screamed after completing a shot, he was injured at this time.

TYC: Can Messi caught up with Uruguay’s game still need to observe

On November 13th, Beijing time, the 13th round of the World Prefecture South America, Argentina will challenge Uruguay on the scene, according to the report of Argentine Media TYC, the injury of Messi left knee is still completely rehabilitation, November 9 he and the same Pares in the body did not train with the team, but was arranged in other training content, and Messi was still observed in this game on November 13.

Jiller new crown test is positive German team to supplement 3 people

The German national team officially announced that there is a player’s virus test result in the team. In addition to the player, the health department will also isolate the other four players who have passively experienced. Subsequently, the German team leaders proved to Elhof, and the player in the new crown virus detection is the guard gather. He was reported to the team with eight players, where Kiimi, Gardry, Musiara and Adymy were determined to be close contact, will be isolated. Subsequently, the German team officially announced that since some people in the team were positive in the detection of new crown viruses, Vilz and Schrotte Beck were injured, the team added to the Wolfsburg Edge player Baku, Wolfsburg Arnold, Monaco, front, Flend, Emergency, and playing with the absence of a player.

Six Spain: Picker plans to retire after the end of this season

According to six disclosed Spanish TV, the 34-year-old Barceloni Picker planned to retire after the end of this season. This season, Picke has played 13 games, of which 12 were started, but he missed Barcelona’s game due to muscular injury, six of Spanish TV pointed out that Picker has wanted to leave the stadium, he plans to be in this End your own career at the end of the season.

Romano: Saleskea is still safe

Reporter Romano news, after 3 days of Limi, Manchester United, still did not contact any potential new handsome goals. In the Manchester United Board, the voice of current coach Solskia still occupies mainstream, the only figure that can change the existing situation is Joel Gray, but from the current situation, the coach’s change will not happen.

Six: Azar and other 3 Real Madrid players are poor!

In Six Six Programs “El Chiringuito” in Spain, the reporter Edu Agre broke the news that Azar’s appearance of Huangma was less, because he was at the training and his professionalism, and the Real Madrid coach member he is very angry. The Iso “lack of motivation”, Jovic “is” walking in training. “

National Football Official: Open 6000 seats against Arkia, Australia

The official release of the Chinese football team said that after consultation with the Emirates Football Association and approved the Siade Association, the final stage of the 20022 Qatar World Cup Asian qualifiers B group, November 11th China team and the Oman team, 16th China team and the Australian team The game will be open to the audience. Coordination with the UAE USA, and considers the Siapan Provisions and the capacity of the Sharjah Stadium, each can not exceed 6,000 foreign tickets.

Exposing Guangdong Some Super Team began to pay

According to domestic media reports, Guangdong’s TCT began to pay for the salary. According to internal people, the team members have been owed for 3 months, according to FIFA, they can be free. At the same time, the team’s training base has also arrears millions of fees. In addition, many players’s 2020 part of the salary has not been added. Super League has become a wages of money. Subsequently, there were reporters to stand in the Shenzhen team to clear the relationship, saying that the whakes and wages were excluded, and only a few unruly solders.

[NBA] Curry 50 points Warriors Damn Eagle

On November 9th, Beijing time, the Warriors attended 127 more than 113 victory, Curi 28 shots 14, three points and 19 shots 9, get 50 points 10 assists, becoming the first 50+ players in the season NBA. According to statistics, the 33-year-old Curry is a 50-minute-rounded player in NBA history. The second is 1968, 31. Zhang Bollen. In addition, this is also a tenth time of Curry at least 50 points, chasing Jia Balong and tenth of NBA history.

The nine victory in Vistan Pan ranks in the history of the history

After winning the F1 Mexico Grand Prix, the Vistanan single seasons have achieved nine victories, and he also became the F1 History of Mansell, Schumacher, Witel, Roseberg, Hamilton, the sixth one can be sold Take the driver of Jiusheng or more victory.

[International Football]

Lai Wan: Not tangled in the Golden Award, guessing and media breakout will not increase winning probability

Horset Official: Tripider left shoulder clavicle showed three strains

Reporter: Benfica intentional winter window rent Umiti

Umitty refuses to leave the team and want to prove to see Harvey

Telegraph: Gerard intends to coach Tila, the latter is ready to formally contact the wanderer

As: Sevoras close to the winter to join Betis

Republican newspaper: Judgment double signing multi-team dissatisfaction, Sergeture plan open book and VAR communication content

Mih: Mourinio is destroying the stability of the Roman locker room

Saki: Pillo’s Juvent is a mistake, he can consider returning to football circle

Reporter: Rabit and Newcastle have contacts, but players want to go to Real Madrid

Parisian News: Join 4 months, Ramos finally added to

Official: Small Simonny is elected in October MVP

Official: Verona coach Totor infected new crown

Solang’s 55 Premier Exchange has 13 negatives, Mu Shuai is only 4 negative in 46 home courts in Manchester United.

Fark: Sarah was recommended to Bayern in Rome.

Warge: If you write all my missed players on the room wall, I can’t finish this life.

Sky Sports: Liverpool ends the investigation No one spits into Manchester City staff

Western Media: C Ronaldes to Georga 5-100,000 euros for home expenses

Romano: Kathy did not approach the transfer of thermal thorn, he may still renew in Milan

[Domestic football]

Guangzhou City official: Ye Chu Gui Zuo knees front cross-ligament tear, injury 8 months

Can you get more time? Alan: Depending on the head coach, I am going to be very full.

The national football team began to practice and launched a technical scope analysis class against Oman yesterday.


Raven: Durant can’t learn any defense every day in the US team.

Subject to the battle 29 points, melon pursue personal career and make a record record

Wei Shao 24 times got three pairs of 3 pairs of death 2/3 shot and 5+ mistake history

Cole: It is the last 2 points of the last 2 points I know that the fans want to see.


WTT New Mesto Station Liu Dingshu First War

WTT New Mesto Station Zhou Qihao won the opening of the door

The 5 teams have been exchanged, more than the sum last season.

As of the end of the 11th round, the Premier League had 5 teams that fry the original leader, equal to the Leader 1/4 team has changed the leader. This exceeds the sum of the number (4 times) (4 times) last season, and also chasing the league record. The last Premier League can have 5 coach changes, but also dates back to the 2004-05 season of 17 years ago. BBC’s commentary that some of the Board bosses were eager to raise the butcher knife because the fiscal pressures brought by the epidemic forced them to “correct mistakes” as soon as possible to avoid disaster such as similar financial resources.

The new official took office for three fires, Harvey took office to dismiss two people.

According to Spanish media reports, Harvey, who has just taken up to Barcelona has not officially trained, and starts to clean up the portal. At present, Harvey has requested the club to fire two important staff, respectively, the medical team, head of labor, and physical fitness Luoka.

@ 沉 默: The Sun Teacher is aware of! Six months of injury, six worships can be gave you good.

@ 出 汗 哥: Why is there no physical strength in the game? The Chinese team doctor and physical coach said, “You give me a white chicken, I still want to eat the taste of the goose?”

@ 嘴: I have always feel that the medical team of the sports community is very harmful, what ligaments are torn,Lionel messi Jersey the fractures can make and restore in a short time, and then continue to play the game.

@ 天王 星 网友 1215: Support Harvey but does not optimize the coaching results.

@ 后 山人: I have already changed it, and the Barcelona has already questioned the medical doctor, Su X. Messi is more willing to go to Madrid.

@ 0itqvj: This is not afraid to take a knife.

@ Zhugege520: Harvey, if he is a national football team, he is estimated to collapse with his training class, and the two training classes will be ran away from the night.

@ 王 二 喜 去 看 牛: Barcelona is still Barcelona, ??Harbai Bamei.

@ 0ilwxd: The priest of the skin, the Professor of the cloth is not embarrassed.

@ 青岛 儿: Milan should also be Kits Football Kits discontinued.

Today (November 10)

08:30 NBA Regular Square – 76 people

10:00 NBA regular season eagle – jazz

11:00 NBA Regular President – Clippers

19:35 CBA Regular Tournament – Qingdao

19:35 CBA Regular Sasare, Xinjiang – Guangzhou

Morning (November 11)

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