The national football team attacked, Wu Lei broke the door, the national football 1-1 regrets Oman, Luo Guofei is the biggest surprise:Indian news

On November 10, 2021, “French Football” editor-in-chief emphasized in the interview with “Sports Picture”: “The winner knows that the result will be known in advance, but should be around November 20. The arrival is a non-vividness.

The Golden Globe Award is increasingly approaching, and the rumors of the Golden Game Award are also full of flowers. For those rumors, “French football” editor-in-chief Fei Lei once in the beginning of the month, indicating that the previous network spreads The results of the Golden Radon Voting are fake, and the Golden Voting results will be announced on 29 this month, and the winners know that they are also around November 20. Please wait patiently.

But on November 6th, the exclusive news of Kits Football Kits the Portuguese authoritative media RTP Desporto: “Messi has been informs the award in advance by the Golden Globe, French football, and the Argentine superstar will win the Golden Radon, create a new record. The Lawanoski and Benzema, which have been high. “

This news came out, no matter what the news is true, the major news media and social media are once again active, Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey and these days have the topic of “Messi’s 7th golden ball” is also the traffic, after such a speculation. Most opportunities all believe that the seventh golden ball belongs to Messi, and the hot Lawan can only accompany the run, and he can only report to regret, and Lai Wan is in an interview:“I will not be too tangled in whether I can get the Golden Globe.” At the same time, I will send it to La Wan to La Wan “.”

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But today, a report of “Sports Picture News” broke the rumors of Messi to determine the Golden Games, this title is “Messi in Lawan? ‘Hu said eight’!”, This is After the “French Football”, Fei Ri is written, and the “Sports Picture” written out. The specific news is as follows:

Soccer Jersey DiscountRecently, Multi-Party said that Messi will receive this year’s Golden Award, “French Football” editor PASCAL FERRE has received this “Sports Picture” interview. (Article title “Messi before Lawan? ‘Hu said eight”! “

Pascal Ferre explicitly denied the recent results of “leak”, he said: “We have heard a lot in the past ten days, all are nuts.

Earlled in an interview, Pascal Ferre said that the winners did know the results in advance, but should be around November 20.

Looking at Fei Lei has come to a rumor, this is aimed at the “Messi has been told to obtain the Seventh Golden Award”, and Ferre has criticized these media, and today The title of “Sports Picture” reported“Messi before Lawan? ‘Hu said eight”! “Look, is it “La Wan has the opportunity?”, But what is the specific result? We still wait patiently!

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