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  The first 100% puree football shoes should be shipped in the careful design of Adidas, this fusion of advanced fashion and football, Predator Freak football shoes equipped with Adidas innovation technology is the limited edition of Paul Bo Gibo and Adidas By Stella McCartney This is contained in the athletes and Adidas’s expectations and pursuit of environmental protection.


  Adidas released a Predator Freak football shoes created by Paul Borga and Adidas By Stella McCartney

  This cooperation germination was May 2020. At that time, the epidemic sealing isolation period, Paul Borga and Stela McCati have expanded a dialogue through the online program “The Huddle” in Adidas. This not only let them discover the common enthusiasm of both sides on fashion, sports and brand, but also buried a film for live news todays follow-up football and fashion.

  Paul Bogba and Adidas By Stella McCartney’s first Predator Freak football shoes strictly improved the environmental impact on the design, all materials were strictly inspected, on the one hand, to meet the environmental requirements of sage On the other hand, meet the movement needs of athletes. Therefore, the latest sports performance technology wrapped in the Predator Series in this shoe.



  Limited Predator Freak football shoes equipped with the latest sports new update today performance technology of the Predator Series

  Paul Borga played an important role in the research and development of Predator Freak football shoes, and this newly launched shoe is cleverly combines football and creative expression. This shoe uses a white primeknit upper and embellished with classic leopard and “Earth Protector” printing, which is unique. The Adidas Demonskin rubber sharp thorns calibrated by a computer algorithm will be presented with bright orange, and strive to help football rotation and improve the ball feel. In addition, this shoe has many Adidas By Stella McCartney icon details, including milky white surface, gradient rainbow color soil and footwear logo – this is also the design language of Adidas By Stella McCartney first used in football shoes.

  Stra McCati said: important news “Since the cooperation of Adidas, we have been committed to breaking through the border of high-end fashion and sports performance. This time you can work with Paul Bo Gar, try to conduct football fields, this I am very excited.

  During the epidemic sealing isolation, Adidas invited Baga and I participated in the “The Huddle” online dialogue, which made us sprout the idea of ??cooperation. I feel Bo Gib’s enthusiasm for fashion, and I found that there is a lot of common, which gives me a lot of inspiration, let me want to design a football shoes with him. Borgab said that no matter how old and outside the course, fashion is part of his personality. This sentence makes me impressed, I think it is very important to reflect this in the design.

  The heart is always the core of the Adidas get news By Stella McCartney Series. This designed Predator Freak is Adidas’s first potter football shoes, which contain regeneration materials in materials. And Bogoba exchanges creative ideas, and designing this shoe is a very interesting process. This shoe is perfectly integrated with fashion and football world, and we have the ability to create products that do not destroy the global environment.

  This is just the beginning of this area, we can’t wait to unlock more possible! “


  Stra McCartney said: “Adidas by Stella McCartney can’t wait to unlock the future more possible”

  Paul Burg said: “Although I am a football player, I www todays news com am very interested in fashion and design, and I have always hope that I can have an opportunity to explore this field. I am the fan of Stra McCartney, So this cooperation has special significance to me. We recorded “the huddle” and sprouting together, I think this is a good creative opportunity. When the positive epidemic blocked, I miss the football. And this cooperation will make me a love of football and the enthusiasm of fashion. This feeling is great. This football shoes we have made with Adidas are unique, and I can’t wait to wear it. Step on the court. “



  Paul Burg said: “Although I am a football player, I am very interested in fashion and design.”

  The Predator Freak football shoes will launch two types: limited edition neutral Predator Freak P + shoes (RMB 2499) adopts no lace design, with sock sleeve stickers; Predator Freak P1 shoes (RMB 1799) It is equipped with a shoe, which is also used in socks, but the shoe is slightly lower.

  Exquisite design and unique fashion matching, unlocking future ideas and environmental protection concepts, this satellin football shoes Predator Freak not only contains the high concern of the football players, but also passes the consistent pursuit of Adidas brand . As a global organization, Adidas truly achieved product design, product philosophy into high quality products, this innovation will continue to help attenders play the highest level of exercise.

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