Bundesliga: Lawanosky Record Record

This newspaper (Haihe Media Sports news google comew Center reporter Wang Hao) Dejia League 34th round, Bayern Munich wins Agasburg at 5-1. Levanoski attacked a important news of today in india goal in the game, the total number of goals in the season was raised to 41 goals, breaking a record of the Bundesliga League Single season.

Since this season, Lawan Dosky played 29 rounds of German competitions, 68 shot missing mid-frame frames, 41 transformations into goals. In addition to witness the birth of the record, this “De Arma” has also experienced the sadness of the separation, Bo Atten, Araba and Martinens three generals are about to leave the team, and the coach Frick has basically determined that the German team will have passed the German team.

At this point, the Sales League ended. The Bayern Munich has achieved news and nine conjunctions, with Leipzig Red Cattle, Dortmund, and Wolfsurgh team to lock the Champions League latest news today in english seating seat. Frankfurt and Levussen team entered the European League. The Berlin Joint team has obtained head line news today the seating seat of the European Association League.

The clouds did not come to the Mei team at home with 2 to 4, and the end of the season, fell by the second place at the end of the season, and it was once again downgraded in 41 years. The Cologne team is ranked third, got the opportunity to participate in the pre-legacy attachment. Another downgrade team is a Schalk 04 team.

The Bayern Munich won the championship, and the Levanoski (middle) took the champion trophy.

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