Alaba is a small use of a large material, release offensive talent, and another location is his true love.

For the competition of Northern Macedonia, Austrian players Araba became the best on the spot. This result is home to the name. As a leader in today’s football in the whole, Araba is a member of the 3 defender, In the maximum, the sharp offense of the opponent, I also used my own offense to help the teammates won the goal, showing a comprehensive master, but many people have launched such a question, let Allaba like The player will go to the guard or the Austrian, which is not strong, is there any necessary, or if is it small?

Fuda coach may be over-conservatively conservative, or he is in the use of people’s idea, this is not wrong, but in the face of the most weak North Macedonia, Fortunately, it is still still still use 5 guards. So when you face more powerful Netherlands and Ukraine in the future, he may only be more conservative.

But this is completely unnecessary. Although there google news feed is a good player in the Austrian array, from this game, the ability of Leipzi players is still awkward. He looks hard to organize it. The team’s attack, he is also very depressed and uncomfortable. At the end of the half, the scores of both parties are also 1-1, and I didn’t see what the Austria showed any advantage.

After a few hours after the game was completed, a arrangement of Fuda coach finally played, although the Gregory’s goal made people feel that his replacement is effective, but in fact, more newv or It is a key reason for the Laidening of Austria to the teammates. The game Araba has completed 114 touches, 2 key passes, 14 times have been successful, 5 times, all win, 1 assists, the teammates completed the score, and the best player.

So now the problem will appear. If Fuda coach gave an offensive role to Allaba, it is not the struggle such as the team, and the players like Araba have been playing for many years in Bayern, and it is also possible to compete for organizers or even Attack the role of google news 24 breaking news the brain, then arrange a little odorless position in 3 defenders, is it true that it is really large. Some media analysis believes that there are also many other excellent guard players in the Austrian array, such as Xin Tac, such as Wavech, these players may not be so powerful, but let them guard at least very bad, The most important thing is that Austria is not a big gathering team, and the players like Araba are their treasures, rather than putting it in the backfinder. This point of Finda coach is indeed disappointed.

Of course, it will also be explained breaking new here. When the last European Cup, Araba once was placed in the 10th position. This is very failed. It is said that Allab is a middle back, he and Not good at the offensive planning organization of the frontcourt, but you can use your own characteristics to give offense help. Before there was a rumor, it was called when Araba was transferred, that is, the new East family has to give himself the main commitment, although it is then proven to be a rumor, but this can also explain that he is still a little more than a little bit I don’t know if the Ford coach can hear this “suggestion”?

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