Bayern general continuous mistakes are somewhat lore netizens: Araba will also take 20 million ahead?

Bayern’s bidding Araba is very uncomfortable this summer and Bayern, because the two latest breaking news in india sides have failed to reach a consensus on the annual salary. It is reported that Bayern is 11 million to 6 million EUR, Araba is 20 million. The top salary, after Araba rejected the team, renew it, it is still stiff.

Today, Bayern and Seville launched the European Super Cup of Europe, although Bayern dominated, but they were almost looked, this time the protagonist is just alaba that renewed the stiff. In the opening 10 minutes Seville seized the opportunity of the penalty, Okanpos took a record in Seville 1english me newspaper : 0. In the 34th minute, Lai Wanzhi grabbed some balls, Gorez Card Middle Road grabbed the emptie to take advantage of it, Bayern 1: 1 equalize the score.

Easy is 20 minutes before fighting, Bayern’s two degrees, but only the goal of La Wan and Suri is blown off. At the second half, Allaba will make Bayern’s danger to be lore, the 86th minute, Bayern right corner, Kiimi will be dishented in the penalty area, the peripheral Arabia mistake, Okanpos back After the attack, Okanpos took the ball to go to the frontcourt to send a subtle buckle, and the back news breaking newsof the back of Ennen off the back of Alaba and got a good single-knife.

In the face of Nobianenes, the ball was thrown by Nobel, Nobel is also helping Araba to wipe PG clean. After Seville missed this opportunity, the two sides had entered the overtime competition, but the overtime came again, Araba once again became the protagonist again. Seville’s left suddenly launched fast attack, Enesory’s heart gods, and Nnesi took the ball behind the Arabian defense, Enesi was very simply gnone.

Once again, Nobel, this time Noure judges mistakes, but Enesi’s push is still struggling by Nobel’s right foot, and the ball is finally played out by the door frame. This ball is very simply simply, or Nobel is eagerly popping the ball behind the door. Netizens also said that Allaba also had a top salary? (PS: The words come back, it can’t be awarded)

Subsequently, Bayern coach Flik is powerful. After the two aking news fatal mistakes in Allaba, he chose to believe in Allaba, believe in Allab’s attack power. In the first half of the time, Bayern won the right corner, Karlos gave the ball. It is the amber of Allaba’s empty anger by the door, after the door, Martinez rejected, Bayern 2: 1 reversal to kill Zevilia, the team’s second time I won the European Super Cup.

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