Dihan Star! Ephsen reiterates that if you play rugby, it will win a double crown than basketball.

On August 24, Beijing time, Ephsen is still one of the most influential NBA players in history, but if you want to ask him, if he is a rugby player, his impact of his sports may be bigger? Now when he is a guest “Clubshayshay” program, Ephson believes that if he plays rugby, it will be excellent than playing basketball.

Professional football Hall of Fame, Shannon – Sharp, recently asked Ephsen when he was in Shai-Xie Club, if he chose to play football, not to enter the NBA playing basketball, he thinks he will have a better NFL career. The former Philadelphia super superstar is full of confidence, and Ephsen believes that if he can play football, it is his “first love”, his sports career will become better.

“Not arrogant or arrogant, I know that I am better in the football world than in the basketball world. This is not a god of basketball, nor does it respect so news reporter microphone much game for me … but the football is my first love. “Iverson said.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first public expression of Ephson, which is originally a better rugby player. In the interview with Guest Matt-Barnes and Stephen-Jackson, Afu also revealed how lucky in these two sports.

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Ephsen playing football in high school, is the core quarter-off of the team, then playing basketball at Georgetown University. Ephsen’s high school era, once led the team to win the football and basketball double-gun, and the best player who won bjp news bengal the Associated Press.

For NBA fans, the lucky is Ephson eventually choosing basketball, and uses his excellent ball and epic scoring capacity, so that basketball enthusiasts can certainly ask him to do anything better. thing.

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