The prince of Harry is rare, and the exposure will return to the UK, but also intentionally let his son join the Rugby League.

According to the “Mirror” on the evening of August 30, in order to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Rugby League, the prince Harry and the Rugby League players, coaches and volunteers have conducted special video chat, rare appearance and said that it is difficult to find enough Football is used by son.

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Prince Harry revealed that he intended to join his son Achi to the Rugby League and promised that it would eventually return to the UK.

Prince Harry hopes that his son likes this exercise like himself, but now he has not found the right size football.

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Football League, he delivered a speech when the Player, coach and volunteers conducted a Zoom video conference.

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And the pre-high-end royal family participating in the meeting and the player of the San Halance Woman Super League Jamma Walsh and Emily Luche, Leeds Rhinoo and England Star Jie Ji Jones – Buganan and His son Kurgan, Newcastle Thunder Jordan Robinson, College player Alex Donah, and volunteer Fianna Ephsen.

Harry and his wife Meigen took his son Xiaoi to leave the public office in March this year, settled in St. Barbala, USA, Harry is the sponsor of the alliance, saying “I need a few mini football, so I can let Achi participated in the game, but it couldn’t find it at all. “air india sale news

Harry also told you: “But fortunately, I have a little space outside the scene, so I need to let him participate in the Rugby League.”

“I really can’t believe that there is finally an outdoor venue. My son can go out and play. I am grateful, because I know that many people have no such opportunity in the past five months.” Harry said.

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Prince Harry also guaranteed to everyone in the online conference, he plans to return to the UK, especially before the Rugby World Cup started in October next year.

It is reported that the World Cup League Football Tournament will be held in England from October 23, 2021.

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“If it is not because of epidemic reasons, I have already returned. So don’t worry, I said that I will come back on time, I will come back on time.” Prince Harry said.

The Prince Harry hosted the World Cup lottery ceremony on January 16, which is the first public appearance of his and Meggen announced on January 8.

Later, the couple moved into their apartments at the value of 11.1 million pounds (about 100 million yuan) worth of San Bar Brahmonts.

After obtaining the funds of Charles, they handled the mortgage loans of 7.25 million pounds (about 6 million).

But the plan can’t change the change, where is the prince of Harry, where to go, then wait a minute.

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