Chuan Amazon is $ 1 billion to purchase NFL to broadcast rights; February China’s mobile game global sucking $ 2.2 billion; 30% investors do not know about encrypted currency

Lei Jun two sessions recommend: use intelligent technology to help the elderly more better integration into digital life

On March 4th, the National People’s Congress representative, Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun announced that the two sessions recommended, involving my country’s intelligent manufacturing development, using intelligent technology to help the elderly to better integrate with digital life, strengthen the development of digital and unity Aspect.

Lei Jun suggested that there is a planned macro policy environment; promoting the research and research of production research and research; continuously cultivates intelligent manufacturing service platform; accelerates the notch of intelligent manufacturing talent by introducing intelligent manufacturing service platform; Promoting the digital service of the elderly into the national information infrastructure construction as soon as possible; promoting the interconnection of county medical defense data; strengthening medical data analysis and application; strengthening the county medical information investment and talent construction. (Source: Sina Technology)

Biography KEEP sprint IPO, respond: currently no message is not received

On March 4th, Beijing time, the media reported that KEEP, which was completed in F-round financing, recently, recently sprint IPO, and applied for the second quarter of 2021 to go to the United States. In this news, Keep exclusive responded to Tencent Technology: “There is currently no listing message”.

KEEP obtained the estimation of 10 billion US dollars in the Times capital, GGV Jiyuan Capital, Tencent Investment, Wuyuan Capital.

It has been more than half a year, January 2021, KEEP has also obtained Fheel by Soft Silver Vision Fund, high-grade capital, GGV Jiyuan Capital, Tencent Investment, etc., a new round of financing of $ 360 million. . At this point, the estimated distance of KEEP has doubled, reaching $ 2 billion. (Source: Tencent Technology)

Jianghuai Auto Announcement: It is planned to set up a joint venture in Hefei with a military car

On March 4, Jianghuai Automobile issued an announcement, indicating that it is intended to set up a joint venture company in Hefei. Jianghuai Auto said that in view of the five parties hope to further deepen the cooperation between advanced manufacturing and service management and supply chain in the intelligent network, the principle of equal mutual benefit, the two sides intended to jointly establish a river in Hefei City, China Come Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd.

Jianghuai Automobile proposed to pay RMB 255.5 million, paying by RMB cash, accounting for 51% of the total registered capital; Jewa is planning to pay RMB 245 million, paying by RMB cash, accounting for 49% of the total registered capital. (Source: pingwest)

Pass Baidu will be approved in Hong Kong second time

On March 4th, Beijing time, March 1, Baidu convened a special shareholder meeting, and the shareholders at the meeting approved the stock split plan, and the ordinary shares were split into 80 shares, which will take effect from now. In the view of the industry, Baidu this is preparing for the second time in Hong Kong. Broken stocks means that the absolute value of the share price of listed companies in the next two places is more similar, more beneficial to international investors, and enhances liquidity and reduces the participation of small and medium investors.

On March 2, the Plan Motor Co., Ltd. was formally established, and the registered capital was 2 billion yuan, Baidu affiliates share 55%. Flatage of automobile CEO is in place, the company registration is completed, and the brand is officially confirmed, which means that the company operates into the right track. (Source: Sina Technology)

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Roins get a Hong Kong license, approve the issue of encrypted monetary fund

On March 4th, the RC Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. issued an announcement that the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission has issued a 4th Class 4 of Rapid Asset Management Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned asset management puthiya thalaimurai news in live subsidiary, July 31, 2020 (providing advice on securities) And the 9th (asset management) license, permitted the relevant regulatory management activities, which came into force since July 31, 2020. This means that the Rapid is approved in Hong Kong to encrypt the currency fund.

It is reported that the RCC will issue three virtual monetary funds, which are the Bitcoin Tracking Fund, the Tanfrie Tracking Fund and Multi-Strategy Virtual Monetary Fund. This means that the RDC has become the second approved virtual distribution, and the first is the first to issue an active investment strategy virtual fund. The person in charge of Rolling Technology said that in the United States, the agency represented by Tesla is gradually introducing the Bitcoin telangana news lockdown update into mainstream asset allments, and it is expected that Asia will have the same development trend in the next few times. (Source: Interface)

February China Mobile Publisher Global Income Rankings: Tencent NetEase Miha Tour Pretty Three

On March 4th, the Sensor Tower store intelligence platform announced in February 2021 China’s mobile game publisher ranked around the Global App Store and Google Play. In this issue, 34 Chinese mobile game publishers were selected to the global mobile game publisher’s income list TOP100, with a total suction gold more than $ 2.24 billion, accounting for 40.2% of the global TOP100 mobile game publisher.

2 months of rice tour “original god” and “collapsed 3” income rose 6% and 69% from the previous month, so that the issuer’s revenue increased by 10%, ranking among the global mobile phone issuer’s income list, second only to Tencent , Netease and Playrix. Among them, “Cracking 3” is driven back on February 5th on February 5th. (Source: Sina Technology)

Twitter CFO is not worried about Apple Adjustment Privacy Policy: Competitive Environment is fair to Twitter favorable

March 4th news, Twitter CFO Nide SEGAL (NED SEGAL) said on Wednesday that Twitter is confident when preparing for the latest privacy features of Apple iOS 14 systems. This new system will facilitate iPhone and iPad users to shield offices to play targeted advertisements by tracking their activities.

Said said in Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Communications Conference, “We have better content push mode, provide users with more dependent information, and have the ability to make this push mechanism, this The mechanism does not bind to the device ID. “(Source: titanium media)

Chuan Amazon or 200 million to buy an NFL event exclusive transfer

Beijing time on March 4th news, according to reports, Amazon is negotiating with the US Rugby League (NFL) to broadcast more exclusive events, and the related broadcast costs may double. The latest protocol is the earliest possible to reach next week.

It is reported that before the expiration of the Strong Strong Strong Tournament in Fox and NFL (after the 2022 season, the value of $ 660 million per season), Amazon’s transaction will not take effect. However, get more exclusive to the power means that Amazon may spend $ 1 billion or more. (Source: Sina Technology)

More than one-third encrypted currency investors almost unknown to the encrypted currency itself

Beijing time on March 5th, Cardify’s latest survey report found that the encrypted currency investment novice did not do too much research before entering the field. According to the survey data collected from 750 investors from January -12 (during this period, Bitcoin climbed from $ 37,000 to $ 47,000), Cardify found that only 16.9% of investors who bought encrypted currency “fully understand “Encrypting the value and potential of the currency, 33.5% of the buyer’s understanding of this field is zero, or only some” fur “.

But lack of knowledge or understanding of the encrypted currency field does not prevent people from purchasing. The survey found that more than 40% of all encrypted currencies from newbie investors, which is some extent due to more and more mainstream people accept encrypted currency. In the past few months, PayPal and Square have added encrypted currencies to their platform.

According to the news, the new Nintendo Switch will be equipped with 7 吋 720p OLED screen.

On March 4th, the recent rumors about Nintendo’s new Switch have more and more. In addition to the previous rumors may continue to carry NVIDIA chip and support 4K screen transmission, the latest news from Bloomberg has also pointed out that the new Switch screen will be from now on 6.2 Upgrade to 7 吋, although still 720P quality, it will upgrade from non-Pi LCD to Samsung’s OLED panel.

According to the news, the new SWITCH can provide 4K picture output after connecting the TV with the base, but considering the power consumption problem, Nintendo chooses to provide 720P’s picture quality to the host, reducing the processor, panel Energy consumption. (Source: DONEWS)

Encrypted currency exchange Kraken CEO: The price of Bitcoin in the next 10 will reach 1 million US dollars

Beijing Time March 5th, the CEO of the Digital Encryption Monetary Exchange Kraken, Jesse Powell, said that Bitcoin is expected to rise to $ 1 million in the next 10 years.

He said: “We can only guess, but when you use the dollar to measure, you must think it (bitcoin) will be infinite. The real believers will tell you, it will go all the way to the moon, Mars, will eventually become the world currency.”

At present, the price of Bitcoin is around $ 50,000. (Source: Sina Technology)

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