Overseas Chinese is a good "foreign goods": returning to the country to let "foreign fruit" landed root

On this month, Golden Mr. Jin, who bought MLB clothes and trousers in Qingchun Yintai, a total of five. He said that after returning home, he found that there may be a fake in the bought clothes.

Mr. Jin: “Find two pieces of clothes, the same item number is different,The difference is obvious, you can see it at a glance.. “

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Mr. Jin took two black sweater, he said that the M code is bought, the S code is bought to my sister. From the appearance, the printing of two clothes chest is the same, but Mr. Jin pointed out that some details on the clothes have different.

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Mr. Jin: “This button, you see (one is a golden) one is a brand logo, the second you look at the water washing label in it, the water wash is different, the difference is more obvious, then follow this The standard is not the same, this standard is bare,But this labeler is the same as sticking, you can tear down.. “

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Mr. Jin said that he is a loyal customer of MLB, and one sweater wearing him is also this brand. Because two clothes have obvious differences, Mr. Jin checks the remaining clothes pants, found two of the same styles of different colors, the hanging tags also have different, the same pattern, one printed on the tag, one It can be teared.

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Mr. Jin: “Just started to tell me that I can’t sell fake, I am really true, I don’t know what the situation is to say directly that they are all true, and they may reflect more, they come over. Tell me,This situation may be a batch problemThe difference between the second batch of goods in the first batch of goods. “

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Zhu Jiang, General Manager of Hangzhou Yintai Department Store, Qingchun Store: “We also contact Shanghai Corporation, because the customer is questioned now, we also help customers solve problems, 315 customers come, we also agree, saying The goods bought by customers, sent to Shanghai Corporation,By the head office issued a written identification report. “

Yintai said that the MLB commodities they sell are supplied by the intermediate dealer. This time in order to get the most authoritative test report, they intend to contact Shanghai Brand Headquarters directly. At present, Yintai has obtained the mailing address and contact information of the brand headquarters, ready to send the goods, and there will be a final test result in three days.

Zhu Jiang, the general manager of Hangzhou Yintai Department Store, Qingchun Store: “(Is there a consultation in Shanghai Corporation, why do you have two labels, or the same items appear in the same paragraph, or a different situation of the details, we also contact us. Cross Shanghai, but the answer given is different. Some said that it is different from the batch of production, and there is no written report, so we have contacted Shanghai for a long time.I hope they will issue a written report to prove that this product is not produced by Shanghai.. ”

We will continue to pay attention to this matter.

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