7,000 stores in the country! Chengdu Book also burned the grass, should you exceed the honey snow?

Wen 丨 Western Jun

Congratulations to Chengdu and won the host of the 2021 Summer Sports one india tamil news liveSummer Games.

The Universiade has a “small Olympics”. Yesterday, the western Jun has contracted Chengdu and Hangzhou, Hangzhou is the host city of the 2022 Asian Games. In fact, the specifications of the events and internationalization, the Universiade is higher than the Asian Games.

So far, there are three cities in mainland China to hold a Universiade: the 21st Beijing Summer Universiade in 2001, the 24th Harbin Winter Universiade in 2009, the 26th Shenzhen Summer Universiade in 2011.

As the Asian Games from Beijing, Guangzhou to Hangzhou, the Universiade organized the city’s handover, and followed daily news hunt in tamil the first-tier city to the new cities, coastal to the migration route.

Shenzhen Universiade, Source Network

The function of the first-tier cities gradually moves, the new first-tier cities have received more and more opportunities for the world in large exhibitions and sports events, and the roles played are increasingly important.

Chengdu has been clearly suggested that it is necessary to build a world cultural city, the world tourist city, the world’s event city, and the capital of international cuisine, the capital of international music, and the capital of the International Exhibition.

Soon, the above objectives showed that the first world-class comprehensive sports meeting, which was successful, was a World Universiade called “Little Olympics”, which can be described as an open door.

In the three years, Chengdu’s city image and municipal construction will be upgraded again. In addition to the sports industry, supporting infrastructure investment will release a large wave of bonus for Chengdu’s economy.


Why is Chengdu?

Applying a large international event, often has the basic threshold of economic strength.

The Universiade is not just to build a venue, the infrastructure and service levels of roads, transportation, communications, catering and other fields, as well as soft power such as temporary dispatching, emergency system, etc., are very testified.

Looking at the whole country, many three or four-tier cities may have to get the money of the building hall, but it is not necessarily to digest the investments needed to upgrade the infrastructure, including the operating cost of the game, at least this account is not cost-effective. The benefit is too low.

Source: “Coupling Relationship between Sports Events and Urban Development”

When I asked why I chose Chengdu, the Chairman of the International Student Sports Association, Oleigmatchin mentioned that “Chengdu is a very fast city.”

Indeed, Chengdu’s two years of development is obvious. Whether it is a rush of people or urban marketing, it is based on economic hard strength. Since 2001, Chengdu has grown from 149.2 billion yuan, increased to 2017 13890 100 million, with an increase of 830.9%, ranking in the forefront.

As the second-line city of the provincial capital, the city’s eighth city, in these two-year fire, Chengdu is ranked first in the top position.

In addition, the Chengdu is in the inland, but as one of the transportation hubs of the west, there is a four-way transportation system.

Source: Trend of Zhigu

In the Western Jun Yesterday, I mentioned in “I was robbed to Hangzhou.” “Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport passengers have exceeded 50 million throughput, which became the fourth in China’s mainland, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. 50 million steps of airports.

So far, Chengdu’s international routes exceeds hundreds, ranking first in the west. The first phase of Tianfu International Airport will be completed around the end of the 2020 before the Universiade held, and it will also provide convenient transportation for participants and media sights around the world.

There is a foundation for large sports events, sports industry and atmosphere. Chengdu is not bad in this regard. In 2017, the additive value of the sports industry reached 18.983 billion yuan, and the GDP proportional to 1.37%, higher than the national level of about 1%.

According to incomplete statistics, last year’s Chengdu, a total of the International Network Youth Tour, Iron People Three World Cup, “Panda Cup” International Youth Football Championship, International Table Tennis World Tour China Open, etc. near 20 international events There is enough experience.

Whether it is hardware or software, Chengdu has a home floor of a large-scale event. The Organizational Right of the Universiade is also the greatest recognition of the development level.


Did the bonus of the large-scale club to the head?

Since the 2008 Olympic Games, all kinds of sports events such as the Asian Games, Universiade began to immobilize China’s mainland city, and with the finals, many second and third-tier cities began to appear on the world stage.

At the end of 2012, the Shenzhen Universiade financial revenue and venue construction audit results announced:

As of September 30, 2012, a total of 13.996 billion yuan in the investment in the Universiade. The source of funds includes 1.17 billion yuan of financial development, ticket sales and donations organized by the Universiade Executive Board of Shenzhen and the United States, and the company’s fund funds were investd as 1.714 billion yuan. The fund arrangement is used for the operation and guarantee expenditure of the Universiade for 449 billion yuan, and the construction expenditure of the venue is 7.52 billion yuan, and the supporting project has an expenditure of 1.986 billion yuan.

It corresponds to the investment fund of 13.996 billion, as of the deadline, the Universiade has a total of 1.217 million. In other words, the loss exceeds more than 100 million.

This also triggered some disputes – in view of the huge investment in the construction of venues, the recovery period, low return rate, and the large-scale sports competition is not worth it?

If you only count the direct account, almost any large-scale events can’t escape the loss situation. Moreover, new venues are free to spend, otherwise the cost of operation is also expense. For example, after 2008, the Bird’s Nest has over 100 million.

Why will major cities compete for the hostel?

In addition to the image publicity, an important reason is that it is an important opportunity to increase investment investment, upgrade infrastructure, and its indirect economic benefits, the pulling of GDP is quite obvious. Including the publicity of the city image, the contribution to employment is difficult to quantify.

Take Shenzhen as an example. After winning the master of the Universiade, Shenzhen began the construction of the subway. In 2007, 5 subway lines started at the same time. In only 4 years and a half, the subway was opened from the original 22km to 178 kilometers.

Source: “Large sports events on the economic impact of organized the city”

It is worth mentioning that before the Universiade, Shenzhen Guanzhong off-horizontally separated, and even the taxi is “red” and “green”.

However, as the Universiade Center and a batch of important venues, the integration of land prices, traffic, road network, etc., the integration of the land price, traffic, road network, etc., this segmentation is obtained.

There is a research and calculation show that the contribution rate of the Universiade is 4.623%, which is 4.418% of the total impact rate, so it is not appropriate.

Source: “Large sports events on the economic impact of organized the city”

Of course, the marginal effect of large sports competitions will be declining with the number of people, which is also an important reason for the national discovery of first-tier cities and will leave the opportunity to leave an important reason for the second-tier cities.

For the mainland city such as Chengdu, the Universiade, the city, and the urban construction upgrade will be held, and the dividend can be fully released.

No accident, it will open a new infrastructure small climax, the construction of the subway construction, and the fixed asset investment in the next three years will maintain considerable growth and provide basic guarantees for the economy.

In addition, the planned area is about 86 square kilometers, and the Tianfu Olympics of the Total London Olympic venue facilities, as one of the key projects of the international event, once there is a Universiade, it will become an important starting point in Chengdu. .


Is Chengdu ready?

Chengdu Xitai Universiade, explaining the slogan of “Three Cities and Three Cities”, it is indeed white shouting.

In fact, only a sports industry, Chengdu’s ambitions reached 100 billion yuan in 2025. Previously, the official people also mentioned that the “Olympic Games is the direction, no matter whether it can be undertake, we have to have the ability to host the Olympics.”

Not just the Olympics, when I was pre-preliminarily in the 2018, Chengdu once targeted the 2026 World Cup. Do Olympic, run the World Cup, although the goals are far away, they are ideal.

In the Western Chengdu of the Sword, there should be ambush of such a star sea.

Chengdu Guanotu, Source Statistics

Of course, I have to see that a large-scale event can drive economic growth, and it is also a big challenge to the city’s service capabilities. A large number of people gathered in a short period of time, and the urban running system is temporarily changed during the competition. It also means that the local people will also mean life.

And as mentioned earlier, the operation of large venues is often huge in the later stage. Even during construction, the mobility effect of local infrastructure investment, especially the real estate industry, is also unable to be a normalized support.

The funds are in large quantities into venues and supporting facilities, and invest in other people’s livelihoods that need to make a short board, and some extent will also form an extrusion effect.

prayagraj news in hindi

Tianfu Olympics, Source Network

On the other hand, this time I win the right right to the distance, only in just two years, the preparatory cycle can be described as short. In the hardware construction level, such as venues, roads, greening, etc., requires a large number of projects in the short term; the upgrade of software levels such as city image and market appearance is also inseparable from a large number of temporary measures.

These may cause interference to the cg navbharat news daily life of the public. During the preparation of the Attack of the Universiade, Need to minimize the negative impact.

Regardless of how to say, the Chengdu, which is the Universiade, will have new chips in the competition between the new cities, the country center city. But it can be transformed into long-term positive, and it is still a big test.

Chengdu must prepare it.

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