C Luo and Fan Dai Ke are struggling to compete, but this game is a good? European League

Let’s tell you a story first.

In September 2018, the first round of the European Association Group was officially opened, and the reporter in front of the game interviewed the main country of England Maquier. When talking about how to look at the new event of Euro China, the fox city of the fox is said:

“Oh, about the European Union, in fact, Sosget has been told us a long time, but we still don’t quite understand this game to take a look.”

The goal of the player will always win the ball, so even if you don’t know if this game is awkward, it will win. England can understand the semi-finals, and lose to the Dutch team is not too litter – but the fans are still to understand some.

At least during the discussion of this year’s Golden Game Award, “said” C Luo / Fan Daika’s European Union, what is the nature of the champion? “Looking at this article, you will know this question.

The sniper is bored, let’s take a little interesting thing ~

As we all know, there is no doubt that European football is a top level of today’s football. It is quite high in the five major leagues, and the viewers will pay the greatest efforts for major competitions such as League, Cup, Champions League. .

However, it is disclosed in the European Five League Counsel (ie “National Team Competition Day”), and the FIFA has arranged some warm-up match, perhaps because the club competition is too frequent, these games are difficult to see every player. Will be taken seriously, some players are even only worked. The player did not desperately, apparently made the competition ratio decreased a lot.

In order to solve this problem, the European Po Feda announced in 2017, this competition has increased challenging, which will allow fans to appreciate more exciting.

Moreover, although the original intention of Euro Division is to fill in the five league, there is the nature of “Friendship”, but because of its definition is a formal event, its game is also different from the official competition, so the players also It will not be so dislotable on the court.

So, what is this new game?

Four groups allocation, strong and weak

European, a full name of UEFA NATIONS League, is a cross-year event, which is held by Europe, which is the first place for the 2018/19 season. As mentioned juventus latest transfer news above, the event was established in order to fill the five league, will replace the original European International Friendship.

European Focus will be divided into four, B, C, D 4, according to the European Federation Association, according to the European Po. Class C is divided into 4 groups, 3 groups of 4 teams, and 1 group of 3 teams. The D level is divided into 4 groups, four teams each group.

siliguri news today liveSince the level is divided, there must be a decrease in rankings. The 4 sets of pads of the A, B, and C-Class League will be upgraded, and the 4 champions of the B, C, and D League will be upgraded. For example, the A-level League is German, Iceland, Poland, and Croatia. They will win the B-level league in the next European United Kingdom; and B-level is Ukraine, Sweden, Bosnia, Denmark upgrade to the A level.

Ok, the competition system understands, then what is the benefit of the European?

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Can the small team enter the European Cup? The opportunity falls from the sky

There is no benefit, the players are naturally unwilling to play a competition during the offset season. So Europe is thrown out of the European Cup as a reward.

Specifically, the four levels of the European Union will produce four places to advance to the European Cup finals. In each level of league, there is no promotion through the European preliminaries, and the four teams ranking can be played through the game. Come to decide a promotion quota.

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The first four groups of A level will go to the ultimate champion – this year’s result is that England and Switzerland have fallen in the semi-final, while Portugal and the Netherlands will compete for the championship. Therefore, in the class ram selection, and then kick two rounds of knockout in Europe, the European countries who will finally win, have certain weights.

Therefore, the European Poetry is doing, in addition to reducing some meaningful warm-up matches and providing a new honor, some of the more powerful teams have the opportunity to participate in the competition, but the European National League is not only every ball. A good opportunity for team training, and for honor, each game cannot be lost.

We know that the European Cup is the only red fire event only outside the World Cup, and the European National League is also prepared for the European team to participate in the European Cup. The coach will also go to the team’s lineup in each game. Create a perfect team.

Tulips are re-bloom! The Netherlands Youth Army shines in Europe

Some teams will take this opportunity to start expressing themselves.

The Dutch team is a long time team, they have no 2014 World Cup and 2016 European Cup, and there will be several coach replacement after Van Gal, until today’s European National League, the Dutch team Begging gradually going to revival, this also announced that the Orange Legion of the whole adopted to attack a new peak.

This year, Ajax team depends on the magical performance of the Champions League, and the club’s Qing training camp has cultivated a lot of excellent local players, such as Delong, Drecht and other players.

Delong can count the command to mobilize the midfield in the club. It is also the major hero of the Champions League, Juventus and Real Madrid. Derecht not only defensive stable, but often in the crucial moment, you can say this batch of players. Become the top beam column of the national team.

In the early days of the European National League semi-final, the Dutch team took 3: 1 Li Keda, will compete with the Portuguese team, this victory can also see that the Netherlands has a talent reserve has become so powerful, they will also It is a popular competition for the European Cup champion next year.

Obviously, the European National League made a team have a chance to re-coming from the trough. If you arrange a lot of warm-up match, a team may not send the main force to play, so that the team has made the team. The opportunities of various strength teams confrontation, and the amount of gold is full, and the strength of the team is tested.

Summary: Soccer feast of bitter ginseng

Of course, some people say that the European National League has added the burden of players, especially in the case of the club competition, this is the physical fitness of the players, which is too fatigue, which has increased the possibility of injuring players. .

For the European Strong Team, they can get qualifications for a European Cup final through the qualifier. They don’t necessarily sell, or the stimulus of bonuses may also make them value.

But for the fishball team, this is a rare opportunity. Of course, I hope to get a good name, so I will directly enter the European Cup Race, and I hope that this event will continue to hold.

This is equivalent to a small European Cup. Excellent players in the club, you can have a lot of opportunities to go to the national team to show yourself, especially the young players can stand in next year, in the European Cup game. Main position.

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