3 to 0! Sun Yusha / Wang Chuqin won the championship, Zhang Benzhi and Dream, Japan expect female doubles to fight crown?

In the early morning of March 10, the second round of the Champions League, the second round of the second round of the Champions League, Serie A, Juventus, defeated Porto by the home of the overtime, because the passenger goes less. Parked out. After the game, the key goal in the overtime team in the overtime will lead to a hot discussion whole world, and the Portuguese superstar C Luo is due to this mistake. After the game, it refused the media to interview. Winarbargers!Manchester United Jersey

In the first round of the first round, the mistake of Juventus’s defense line caused Porto to travel to Turok City with a leading advantage of 2 to 1, even so Pirlo’s team only needs to win the opponent two-go to advance to the Champions League 8 . However, the process of the game made Juventus’s fans were disappointed, and Zhongwei Dramir sent a point in half, letting the Lord fell into a desperate situation, so in the next half of Xiaoyata, I pulled the two sides to the same running line!

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Just suppress the opponent in the overtime, fans look forward to the Portuguese superstar to lead the team to reverse it, the game is the 114th minute, Porto uses a free kick, directly into this gold directly from Sergio. Goal. After the game, the criticism around this free kick was around the criticism around C Luo. You must know that C Luo in the wall position, turn around the other side to take a moment, and finally causing a big mistake, the player refused to interview after the player, but also angered a lot of Juwen Chelsea Jerseyfamous!

Capello directly can bomb, C Ro Luo’s behavior is not forgiven, and the player should not be afraid of the ball. And the Portuguese superstar refused to accept the behavior of interviews, the former Juventus coach bluntly, we saw young people such as Derecht and Kissa accepted an interview and stationed at this time to take responsibility. In this team, some people will grab the work when they win, and they will not see the traces when they are lost! It is clear that Capello directly points directly to the 36-year-old man who makes mistakes, and Juventus’s meritorious team leader Piero, and uses the word “sell” to describe the champion of C Ro Luo.!

Objectively C Roben game has paid all the efforts to the team, and the 36-year-old veteran is still in the critical battle of Braja, the 36-year-old. When the team in the competition is in a desirable situation, C Luo also sent the performance of the assists in the next half of the game, contributing his strength. However, such a unacceptable mistake, still can’t win the forgiveness of the fans, after all, Juventus high salary C Luo, is hoping that it can help the team bring a European championship!

After the Champions League eliminated, an embarrassing problem was in front of Juventus, what is the goal of the team’s remaining season. Quad Laddo believes that Benzim is still a base of the competition league, although the team is currently falling behind the Arch League standings 10 points, but it is still possible to achieve counterattack. However, the 36-year-old old will think this way, know that there is another year’s contract will expire, maybe leaving the Arab North this summer, it is the most considering of C Ro Luo!

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