[Li Chao Express Live Presentation] World Championships On the Third Day: Tranquility after the storm

At 20:30 on November 28, 2021, Carlson and Niro conducted a maillot de Paris consensus of the third disc game, and both sides made a flat hand again in 40 steps, lock the score to 1.5: 1.5. This plate, Niro came out of the 8th step, and Karson had prepared a surprise again, 10 … Re8, a step, an ancient law, intention The wave of knowledge, but Niro still made full preparation, then Niro received a little bit of a little bit, but the advantage is not enough, and the index is fast to end in three hours.

With the end of this chess,The competition will also usher in the first day. The 4th round of the World Champion Games will be tomorrowAt 20:30 on November 30thStart, by Carlson, gherring the Beno. The guests who walked into the live broadcast were the top players Billiga Fotbollstrojor in China. He will bring a wonderful game for chess fans with the host national master Li Yuyu. .

After experiencing the front two insufficiency and thrilling competitions, the third game yesterday appeared more calm and balanced. The World Army Carlina used “precision” to describe the players of the two players, the game is just the first time in step 40, which is the first moment of allowing mention in the rule (excluding repetition). Method.

The front 7 steps, the two players’ method and the first disk are exactly the same. This is another one discs refused to abandon the soldiers. Nirvo took the lead in the first change in the 8th step, reminding people to another historic battle. The last 8.A4 This Chelsea dresy step is still in the 1993 Casparov against the championship in the strainer. Schott said in social media: “This situation has evoke me too much pain. Even For 28 years, these scars are still very painful. “

Carlson placed this pace according to his routine chess, and he had a situation after 14 days of 9 … D6 in his career. But the white 10.nbd2 he never encountered. After a while, Carlson came out of 10 … Re8. After the game, he mentioned that his chess was “stupid” in the dialogue of Tania. .

Of course, this is just a ridicule comment. In fact, the chess, Carlson once successfully opened the opponent from the most common theory route. This is also the psychological war for Carlson to win the opening of the opening for the third day, but this is not enough to form victory. Like 8 … NA5 two days ago, Niro has made sufficient preparation to deal with Carlson’s RE8.

Subsequently, the two players have repeatedly relatively relatively fast, including white 12.bd2 gain some commendation, and the 15 … NC6 is also the novelty of this game.

15. Surface of ..nc6

According to the statement of the special master of our country, this step does not look “absolutely still prepared”. (Let Ma quickly returned to the next position to block C soldiers)

The key to the third game: 17. … BC8

In the competition of both parties, there will be no too many accidents. This pace illustrates the concept of chess pieces that improve the worst position. Although the location of other chess pieces is very good (maybe F8 icon can also be improved by G6, BG7), but the purpose of this pace is to re-penetrate the white color to E6 (very likely), D7 Or g4. It turns out that Carlson 17 … BC8 this roll is to transfer the image to E6, preparing for D6-D5 breakthroughs.

Another critical situation is formed at step 21

Jili shared some insights: “This is one of the differences between Carlson and other top players. When he is balanced with the black, he will choose to make a choice between genital or maintenance of tension. Maintain tension. “

The situation will soon simplify a very easy-to-game troops. In the end, the two players agreed to scratemate the hand in the 41st, here, the two days of the two days of the game ended.

At the press conference after the game, the two players were obviously very relaxed. Carlson won three funses and chess in the game, and Niro faced the biggest challenge in his career. The opponent is one of the greatest players in history. However, in this case, it is not a bad thing to win 1.5 points to Nirvo.

Annad shared at the scene: “Usually, the night before the day is the most relaxed. Because now I am now ready, I have no meaning, enjoy some relaxation, always a good idea Carlson plans to watch a series of games, including the Premier Levi’s Royal Madrid against Madrid, Siri, Los Angeles Clocks in Seville, and NBA! “.

When the reporter asked Carlson’s view on chess and science, Carlson repeatedly stressed that he would prefer the side of chess moving. So in this sense, how can chess chess more attractive to chess fans? Carlson has a clear answer: reducing time control, or at least in the form of slow games in the world championship match.

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