According to Joint Signals, Houston Spaces have reached an agreement with free players Wade Miley.Merry is expected to get a contract worth $ 4.5 million in a year, with $ 500,000 incentive clause.As the left pitcher with the first-year-old, Meri finally chose to sign a one-year short year to find a chance to find a complex year contract. From the current round value situation of the space, Meri has hoped to enter the team’s round value to pay attention to the duties of the first five. However, according to relevant sources, in the incentive clauses in the Meri contract, the number of appearances as a reference will be generally used, and there is no difference between the first and the aid.Although Meri took the contract this year, he did not help him, but he got favored by the crown team. The situation in last season is even more miserable, because the performance of the previous two seasons is extremely bad, he can only sign a small alliance with the Milwaukee winemaker. However, after he recovered from early season injuries, he fully demonstrated his strength and got the trust of the team and became a stable member in the large profile lineup. Meri last year’s overall performance is quite good, he represents a total of 160.2 bureaistics on behalf of the winemaker, and the blanming rate is only 2.57. Although he only has 5.6 times each of his nine biases, it is 3.0, but his compaction of the earth is as high as 52.8%. It is only hit 3 halopers in a season, and thus the impact of the opponent blows to the lowest limit. .Merry increased the use of tabsMeri was sentenced to two in the previous seasons, but the essence of rough look at his biopsy is not much changed compared to the past seven years. The spell rate in his manufacturing last season is only half a percentage point than the average of the career, and the average speed of the speed is only 92 miles / when it is maintained in his career. However, Meri’s pitching strategy has made a point, which has a vital role in the promotion of his 18 season results.Merry has greatly increased the use of tangers.In short, Mei Ye has greatly increased the pitching ratio of tangers, which has become his most common and effective weapon. At the same time, Merry increased the amount of use of the curling ball and the speed ball, basically not using the wound ball and the proportion.Although the hit rate of the other person’s pitcher is obviously rising, his rolling ball is compared with the highest career, so that the opponent cannot cause too much damage to his pitch. At the same time, the winemaker often uses the transfer strategy, so many strong hitting the ball can be preserved by the team. At the same time, Meri manufacturing opponents have also reached 19.5%. At the end of the season, his landing formation is only 0.269, creating a lowest record.It is mentioned to form an amateur rate, which is still worthwhile. Generally, he and the luck of the game have a lot of association, so if the luck is not standing in Meri next season, his grades will be imprisoned. Last season opponent faced the new chet and curmed balls in Meri, the hits were less than 2%, and the length of the price was not more than 30%. Through the play period, the player is familiar with these two spheres, and the new season is difficult to maintain such a ruling


From the data released from Statcast, the expected weighting lyrographic rate (XWOBA) launched last season is only 0.300, and the actual weighted barrier ratio (WOBA) 0.283 is not much different, so as long as the player is not For the adjustment of Meri, Meri has hope to maintain highlight performance last season.

Today, I have announced the signature of Greg Holland. Holland will get a contract worth $ 3.25 million, and $ 3.5 million potential incentive bonuses.

This year, Holland has been 33 years old, and it is no longer the best postoner in the alliance during his peak (important member of Kansas Royal Cowhed Group). The last time he showed the top-level helper, the beast also dated back to the 2014 season, after the elbow was hurt, the speed of the speed of the speed did not return to the level of the peak.

Although the ability is degraded, Holland still shows his own value. In the 2017 season, his performance was very good when Coloradoloky is effective. However, last year’s free player market is unprecedented, he has been dragging the contract with St. Louis Tongch after the start of the spring training. Although the state of the opening season is very poor, he has been stable after the season in the season.

Holland's excessive depends on his own scorpion, causing ballual strategies many times

Holland’s excessive depends on his own scorpion, causing ballual strategies many times

The contrast of his pre-rear section last season was amazing. It is very difficult to find out. Holland’s effect was in a total of 25 games, and Holland’s responsibilities actually as much as he sent and the number of triomas (22). After the nationals, Holland was cast in a total of 21.1 bureaus, and the San Zhen Bao https://www.mlbtrikot4.comwas returned to 25:10, and only 9 pairs were killed 2 points.

Holland’s ability to control the opponent is still, and he has manufactured the opponent’s spending rate to reach 13.1%. After signing Holland, the snake snake does not expect him to resume the talents of the triumph of the truth, as long as Holland can effectively fill the vacancy in the late stage of the game, the tail snake is worth the value.

The role assigned to Holland is still unknown, but at least during the spring training, Holland is a strong competitor of the terminator of the tail snake array. Achi Bradley is currently a tensioned snake is being printed, but it is also very good as the performance of Bradley as a firefighting player. At present, the incentive provisions in the Holland contract have not yet been announced, and it should be able to see the team’s hopes in Holland.

Undoubtedly, last year’s floats spend $ 14 million in Holland’s body, but fought in water drift, but in view of the amount of the tail snake, their investment is clearly a lot. Even if they pay the Holland 6.75 million US dollars, it also means that Holland retrieves the status in the tail snake. Even if the snake can’t challenge the playoffs this year, as long as Hornde shows that there is a chance to change him to the chance of chances in the summer.

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