Dako should think about the 4th points of the Tiger 4 points before the cowboy a year.

May 3 (Wen / ESPN Compilation / White) Beijing time on May 3, Dallas denim announced the signed Sinnaton’s four-point Wei Di-Dalton. The two parties have been worth 7 million, including $ 3 million in guarantee.

This year’s 32-year-old Dalton has been a first in Cincinna since the second round of the 2011 Elementary Six Festival. During the period, Dalton leads the tigers to take the playoffs, even though each tiger is stopped in the external card, but Dalon played the role. Many people think that Dalton will find a team that is more likely to start the first team, such as the new England Patriot or Jacksonville America, but he chooses to leave home. Dalton arrived to Ras, no need to move, his home is here, university is studying at the University of Texas.

Dalton's bizarre error

Dalton’s bizarre error

Dalton suddenly airborne cowboy should let the team’s original main four-point guards – Prescott is nervous. In addition, cowboy is also Kuper Rush, this Dinuqi and Cleton Sossen three quarters. With the completion of the transaction, the dramatic soap opera has finally come to an interview, and Dalton is very dissatisfied with the old people in this week. As a result, the team was delayed him and delayed Dalton looking for the best time.

“There is a large number of quartz-free option this year.” Dalton said in an interview on Friday night: “I think if I have become a free player in the first time in the new season, the situation will be different. But now I have a contract in the body, which makes me very hurt. “The free market in the new season has been opened on March 18, but the tiger that has always been conservative is still as always. decision.

Then, the tiger is in the draft conference. During this period, Tiger has always expected to deliver Dalton, but it has never been willing, and finally I have to cut it without helpless. “I am very confident that they will choose four-point guard with the first time, they are very sufficient, but they are tied to me, but they are hesitant.” The last year of Dalon’s six-year contract It should be earned $ 17.7 million. For the nine seasons for tiger effectiveness, Dalton has achieved 70 wins and 61 points of 61 points. Dalton maintained a team history record with 204 times, and the pass number 31594 yard ranking team is second.

In the 2019 season, the Tiger is selected in the case of 0 wins and 8 losses, and then put Dalton replacement. In the last two games, Dalton returned to the first, helping the team got two victories. According to ESPN, Dalton is only 40.1 in the 2019 season, with a fourth quarter of the four quartep of the quartz.

Cowbi gives Preskot this year, he will get $ 31.4 million. Since the last year of the break, the cowboy has always been able to sign a long to Prescott, but it has not reached an agreement. Prescot did not miss any game in his career. Although his performance can be said very surprised, sometimes it is still disappointed, and he is very eager to compete with NFL’s top contract. . Introducing Dalton on the one hand, the cowgirl is not a rain, on the one hand, it is to press Prescott.

At present, the four-point guards of the free market have found two people. “Mistake Dawang” Winston joined the New Orleans Saint, Daltton came to Dallas after the draft conference, and now only the 2015 season regular season MVP Caman – Newton was cut by the Carolina black panther, still Free market wandering.


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