How does the Lakers complete 12 points reversal? The death of the beam and death is the key Woel finally opened.

On November 25th, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued, and the Lakers came back to the back, and 124-116 defeated the pedestrian team, and the Lakers, the Lakers can reverse the winning winning 12 points, except James played outside the courage, there is an important reason, that is Woger finally followed the trend of the times and started to swear 5 small lineup.

Although the NBA started to die from the Warriors 14-15 season, the Lakers have always used a substantial anti-trend. Many competitions insisted that Xiaodonan and the grand eyebew were together. From the current situation, the lakes’ double tower lineup is not easy to use, and there is a strong lineup of the strong lineup. It is impossible to have a strong match without rest. When he can’t play, what should the Lakers do?

Before the start of this game, Woger put forward a new idea. He said in an interview that “the Lakers have discussed the super small lineup that let James or Anthony go to the 5th position, but this game is unlikely to use This lineup because the walker has the big son of Small Sabinis and Turner. “

However, Walgel finally fell, because in the absence of strong eyebrows, even if Xiaojordan and Howard were huge in the rebounds, they can’t open space in the offensive end, and they couldn’t change the external line of the opponent. It has also become a fatal injury of the team. The Lakers also opened the two-digit gap by the walker team, until the end of the competition, Walge finally made up his mind, fully enabling yourself that you didn’t intend to use 5 small lineups used in this game.

It can be said that this turning point has become a turning point of this game. After using 5 small
lineup, the lake’s attack and defense conversion speed is significantly improved, and the walker team is rotated, and there is a large center due to the inner line. Finally, it will definitely leak out in the outside. As a result, Monk and Elington were far away from three consecutive points. Soon wear the line of defense from the pedestrian team, fill the pit and put the Lakers.

In addition, due to the strong ability of the 5 small lineup space, the opponent is also difficult to go to the bag, and there is no need to be a plug-in or James. And when no one can clarify the interference, James still does not solve the super-consecutive “God” in the overtime game, but also completely bury the walker.

This victory may be more determined to be determined by Woel after using the 5 small lineup, and the Lakers should also thoroughly abandon the outdated dual tower system. The future game, the 1 large 4 small lineup of the strong eyebrows should be the starting lineup of the team’s main, while the time period can consider using the dead 5 small lineup. As for the two center, Xiao Jordan’s appearance time should be lowered, Howard is a 1 large 4-small substitute candidate, which gives him reuse when encountering a big center.

Adhere to the use of such a rotation method, the Lakers will have the opportunity to go out of the predicament, otherwise if they still use the time-to-hour parallel lineup, they are not able to speed up, and they can’t open space. Nowadays, the defensive effect is not good, I am afraid I will never go out.