James has run off the overtime! 39 points, reproduce domineering celebration, led team winners

Today, the Lakers away from the strokes, this is the last game of their 5 guests. James released https://www.maillotbasket6.com the ban. However, the eyebrows are due to fever, not affordable, and the fare competition. The launch of the lake is the first lineup of the Lakers, Tarck, Bradley, James and Xiaordan. Before the game, Lao Zhan is wearing this to the alley.

The first sports battle of the Lakers today is James helps to invest three points less.

? The gift is still in, Wei Shao also assists James into three points.

The Tak line is single, others can only look. Fortunately. ?

? James two penalties, after 11 flat, the pedestrians play 6-0, Mumk is blown up, and the luck will get 2 points. The first three-point shot after Anthony came up.

The other party still has three points. Howard is in the back of the inner line. After the other party is invested, the Lakers call. The pedestrians continue to invest three points, and the Wei Sha will break through the 2 + 1. After the walker is buck, it is fully relying on Anthony.

Mund relies on personal abilities and enters the last sports battle goal in this section.

Section 1? Lakers 26-31 Walks,? James 5 points 2 assists, Wei Shao 7 points 2 rebounds 2 assists, Tuck 2 points, Anthony 6 points, Monk 4 points 1 rebound, Howard 2 points 4 rebounds 1 assists .

In the second section, I just finished one minute, Wei Shao’s pass mistake was made by the other party’s seized opportunities, and the Lakers 26-37 were backward, and Woger called paused. Howard is buckled, James layup, Howard picks back, and improper points. ?

Pacers play 3 + 1, James assists small Jordan empty.

With the three points of Elington, the walker is suspended.

Half time, James high playing board. ?

Tucks have been removed after the jumper, and the pedestrians have a 2 + 1.

Anthony is hard 2 + 1.

James this ball, a dunk or a layup?

James is a gods! 2 + 1! ?

The Lakers leaked the three points of Taiwan, the first half, the Lakers 60-66 walkers. James 17 points 2 rebounds 3 assists, Wei Shao 12 points 2 rebounds 3 assists, Tuck 4 points 2 rebounds 1 assists, https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com Anthony 12 points, Mum Ku 4 points 2 rebounds 1 assists, Howard 6 points 5 rebounds 1 assists, Xiao Jordan 2 5 rebounds, Elington 3 points 1 rebound 1 assists.

In the third quarter, James took the lead in stealing a dragon to drive, and the pedestrians still two points, Bradre, the small Jordan air connected.

The Lakers defended the pedestrians three points, hit this section of 8 minutes and 50 seconds, 64-76 backward, Woger called. Tap slow three steps and broke the scorpion.

As James cast three points, the Lakers chased 71-76, and the pedestrians were suspended.

The pedestrians play 5-0, Huo Havende returns, the other party continues to go to the basket, Monk is still a throttle, and there is also a breakthrough.

Montertaine three points, this section last 1 minute, the Lakers https://www.nbatrikots4.com chased 80-83.

Wei Shao broke through two penalty, the Lakers took the score of 82-84 into the last section. At the end, the pedestrians took the lead in being a fast attack, and the Lakers had a 24 second violation. After a half a minute, the pedestrians played a wave 7-0, the Lakers called. Anthony misplaced single, James continued to help the Monk and Elington into three points, and the turn walker was suspended.


Elington continues three points, chase!

The pedestrian is 5-0, the Lakers call. Elington once again voted three points, the other person hit two points, James broke through two punishments, Monk’s three points made the Lakers.

? Wei Shao’s foul regulations on the Sabinis level, and the other party has a ball. Thereafter, both sides were uncomfortable twice, and Monk was pretended https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
to be penalized two free throws. James is hit by Sabinis, and it is painful.

The referee gave the latter level malicious foul, and the old throws were all-in-law. Wei Shao shoots, the walker has a mistake, James a dragon basket, stop the opponent.

Pedestrian breeds have brought two free throws, James invests key three points.

What is this celebration?

The pedestrians have been fouled in the middle, James is not in, the pedestrian is three points, and the last 26.3 seconds, the Lakers lead 1 point, called pause. Pedestrians are divided by Wei Shao foul, and there are two free throws. The pedestrian fairy three-pointer, James kills three points, both sides enter the overtime.

? Wei Shao took the lead in the plus score in the overtime.

? The walker has a two-point, James https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com key three points.

Subsequently, Lao Zhan grabbed Tenner, but unfortunately Monk got the ball and wrist. James three points continue, the iconic celebration movement, long-awaited! ! !

The walker is another two points, and James drifts to turn back and then hops.

The pedestrians have been unable to return to the day, and the final Lakers 124-116 walkers. James 39 points 5 rebounds 6 assists 1 steals 2 caps, Wei Shao 20 points 7 rebound 5 assists, Tuck 8 points 3 rebounds 2 assists 2 steals, Anthony 14 points 1 rebound 2 assists, Mum 17 points 8 rebounds 1 assists, Howard 8 points 9 rebounds 1 assists, Xiao Jordan 4 points 11 rebounds, Elington 14 points 4 rebounds 2 assists, Bradley 3 rebounds 1 assists.

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