James only isolates the epidemic prevention policy that completed the US professional stadium for 3 days.

Just when the Lakers fans were worried about LeBron James, they heard a good news this morning. James can come back to play tomorrow’s Los Angeles Derby. What is going on?

Before this week, the Lakers and the king came forward, LeBron James will not play this game because of the triggering alliance https://www.maillotbasket6.com health and security agreements. Many fans doubt that James may be that the secret is even suffering from a new crown. Good news is coming soon, three tests made in Sacramento, James has twice a negative. After returning to Los Angeles, James received eight new crown viruses and the result was negative.

Many reasons such as pollution, sample cross infection, amplified product pollution, etc., can cause “false positives” in new crown detection. James then did not have obvious symptoms, and multiple tests were also negative, and it was “false positive”. After obtaining the two PCR negative detection results of more than 24 hours, James also passed the health and safety of alliances. The agreement can play Los Angeles Derby tomorrow.

Although James is a false positive, other players, such as Enabud, Kobe White, Justnet https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
Holiday, etc., all infected with the new crown this season, what kind of epidemic prevention regulations now? If in China, James will definitely enclose the control. What is the difference between the US, the epidemic prevention regulations?

NBA epidemic prevention regulations

In the last week of September, the Alliance Office issued a tentative health and security protocol to the team. Detailed explanation of the players who did not vaccinate will receive more frequent tests than the vaccination players and face a range of other restrictions.

In the rules of the players who are not vaccinated – they will not be able to eat with vaccination players or staff in the same room, their lockers must be as far as possible to the vaccination players, must wear at any team meeting. The upper cover and maintains https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com at least 6 feet from all other participants. The players who are not vaccinated will only stay in the team’s hotel in the airport. They are not allowed to travel to the “high risk environment” such as restaurants, bars, clubs, entertainment venues and large indoor gatherings.

Many States have also regulations, such as Milwaukee’s home regulations, 15 feet (4.5 meters) in the stadium, must provide a vaccination new crown vaccination certificate or nucleic acid negative test report. There are similar provisions in Canada, New York, California. If the player does not inject the vaccine, they are also facing the loss of money. According to the salary expert Bobby Marks, NBA and players will agree: “According to local regulations, the uncharged players are missing a game at home, will Debate the salary of his 1 / 91.6. https://www.nbatrikots4.com

What should I do if the player diagnosed? Alliance stipulates that the vaccine players do not need to be isolated in most cases, but the 7-day new crown test; the players who are not vaccinated are needed for 7 days.

NBA spokesperson Mike Bas once said: “NBA has proposed a suggestion of vaccination, but the player will reject any vaccination requirements.” The player did not have a mandatory vaccine, but NBA stipulates, stadium staff, service staff, referee Vaccine must be vaccinated.

In this month, all the relevant people who have already told the vaccine before playing the needle. After the American traditional Thanksgiving holiday, the alliance is afraid that the player holiday gathering, increases the frequency of detection, James is just the first time during this period.

US professional stadium epidemic prevention situation

NBA has been very good in the four major professional sports alliances in North America. Compared to the Owen of the NFL, the NFL’s super star Alon Rogers, I didn’t make a vaccine. In the quarter, I have said that I have turned my vaccine in the quarter, and then he not only didn’t wear a mask attended the conference. He also went out with teammates until he was founded in this month. This thing also pushed NFL to the tip of the American public opinion.

Many netizens are laughing at NFL’s epidemicnce is a joke.

Former foot Rogers, after the feet Antoni-Brown, three games were banned by NFL because they were forged for their own vaccination certificates.

Of course, NBA’s epidemic prevention is not so impeccable. Bobby Marks Tucao: “Why do you have to play a visual team player to play in New York or San Francisco? Have an example: It is assumed that Owen can’t play at the home https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com of the Net, but Bradley-Bill can be visible to the team player Come to the home. Is this a meanings? Is it not all the players who did not vaccinate? Because the team players can fight, the team players can’t play? “

But you can use these hundreds of millions of players who are all from alliances to the vaccine, in the United States? That is not easy. Michele Roberts in the NBA player will say:? “More than 90% of the players have already vaccinated new crown vaccines. In the country, only 55% of Americans do this.”

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