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[Post Game Thread] The Sacramento Kings (8-12) Defeat The Los Angeles Lakers (10-11) in 37.

[Post-match] Lakers (10 wins 11 losses) three plus time 137-141 is not enemy king (8 wins and 12 losses).

Both key player data:

Lakers: James 30 points 7 board 11 assists 7 mistakes, Wei Shao 29 points 10 plates 11 assists, thick eyebrows 23 points 8 plates 4 assists 3-break 4 cap, Mum 20 points 5 plates 3 assists, Anthony 16 points 4 panels.

King: Fox 34 points 6 board 8 assists, Harryburdon 19 points 6 board 9 assists, Len 12 points 8 boards, Hilde 25 points 4 board 6 assists, Baghry & T-Davis & Tt 13 points .

[-] Netschristianman710 [score hidden] 19 minutes ago *

The Lakers So Far this Season

2 Blown Double Digit Leads to the 12th Seed Thunder

Got Whooped by Kat and The 10th Seed Wolves

Dogfights with the Pistons, Pacers, Grizzlies and spurs. Note That Memphis Is The Only Team Mentioned That Doesn’t Flat Out Suck

Whooped by the celtics and knicks who themselves has mediocre

Needed 84 points combined from Bron / AD / Russ just to barely beat the 15th seed Houston rockets

Triple overtime L against the 11th seed Kings who are also missing guys and if you did not know better, you would have thought that they (Kings) were a G-league / Expansion team with the way they play sometimes

This is just pitiful. It’s one thing to lose to good teams like this, they have suffered injuries obviously, but lots of these games were lost with Russ + AD on the floor lol.

Now you got Bron back and fighting for your LIVES against the Kings out of ALL people, and in your own building at that … ..LOLakers

Nets fans: Lakers season so far

Thunder lost two games (west 12th seed) game wasted double-digit advantage

Be suspended or beaten tenth of Minnesota and Western Downs

Pistons and Pacers, Grizzlies and Spurs clash occurred. Note that these teams not only put the Grizzlies bad team.

Be suspended or beaten the Celtics and Knicks these two mediocre teams.

Big Three (James, thick eyebrows and Westbrook) close cut 84 points win over No. 15 seed Western rockets.

With the Kings XI lost to the West three overtimes, in case you do not know, the match shorthanded. You may feel that way sometimes like to play king-League or expansion of a team.

It is sad for the Lakers, not only because they gave the number of these teams, even though the Lakers also suffered injuries, but many games are in the thick eyebrows, Westbrook led by losing.

Now James is back, playing a king in front of his fans across the country to fight his life, or in your own home, ridiculous Lakers.

[-] Bucksundermon [score hidden] 25 minutes ago

Russ, AD, and LeBron combined for 150 minutes this game They & apos;. Re gonna fucking die man

Bucks fans: less Wei, playing 150 minutes with thick eyebrows and James, so they will be exhausted.

[-] WarriorsThat-Toughsoss [score hidden] 22 minutes ago

they already ded inside after losing to kings

Warriors fans: After losing to the king, their hearts have died.

[-] Trail Blazersmalnourisheduck 101 points 2 hours ago

zero need for those bron and melo 3s in 3rd OT, get to the basket – everyone was getting fouled

that & apos; s where SAC made their lead

Blazers fans: James and Anthony at the time when it should not add a third three-point shot, reached the basket ah, everyone is toting several fouls. This is also the reason for the king lead in overtime.

[-] [TOR] Pascal SiakamMazKhan [score hidden] 2 hours ago

They were probably tired asf

Raptors fans: They might be too TM tired.

[-] NBAYergason [score hidden] 2 hours ago

Doesn & apos; t help that Monk was like 8/10 for 20 points for most of the game and they gave him 1 shot like in all those OTs (which he missed)

Munch 8 of 10 shots to get 20 points did not help, but he only won in overtime once shots (though he misses).

[-] Raptorstheblackvincentvega [score hidden] 27 minutes ago

a 3OT loss against the Kings should be a felony

Raptors fans: the king is lost in felony plus 3.

[-] Kingsdcab87 [score hidden] 26 minutes ago

And without Holmes and Barnes

Kings fans: face or not King Holmes and Barnes.

[-] lazyoats 320 points 30 minutes ago

Lakers are nowhere near a championship level team

Lakers team with championship level completely detached.

[-] Educational-Duck [score hidden] 25 minutes ago

Lakers will be lucky to set a franchise record 2 play-in games in back to back seasons

If the Lakers two consecutive playoff seasons to break into that kinda lucky, this is the team history record it

[-] Kingsrattlemebones 433 points 33 minutes ago *

Just as everyone expected of this game Tonight. A titanic clash and a virtual replay of the juggernaut 2002 versions of these teams.

Kings fans: As everyone expected, like a fierce collision and virtual replay of 2002 between the two teams. (2002 Western Conference finals, the two sides fight lasting seven games, the Lakers finally won.)

[-] sactownpogi [score hidden] 32 minutes ago

Deaaron fox two FTAs?

Fox was fined two balls?

[-] Warriorsfamoustran [score hidden] 31 minutes ago

Never forget the NBA robbed Mike Bibby and the Kings a chance to compete in the Finals that year.

Warriors fans: never forget that year in the NBA and Kings Mike Bibby deprived of the opportunity to play finals.

[-] SunsSitrous1 83 points 38 minutes ago

This gonna be a generational deadline for LeGM

Suns fans: James, general manager for, this will be the final ultimatum.

[-] Lakersrawchess [score hidden] 20 minutes ago

He gonna be figuring out how Golden State can match his salary

Lakers fans: He’ll figure out how to match the Warriors his salary.

[-] [LAL] LeBron JamesImjustANewSneaker 705 points 40 minutes ago

We just played a playoff game with the fucking kings and lost

Lakers fans: We just played King and playoff-level game, then TM also lost.

[-] KingsGunsmokeIV [score hidden] 38 minutes ago

Hey kid, chin up. Maybe next year will be your year.

Kings fans: kids, cheer up, maybe next year belongs to you.

[-] RaptorsKizz3r [score hidden] 34 minutes ago

Yea lebron is great, cant wait to see him develop. Lakers will definitely be spooky next year!

Raptors fans: LeBron is cattle, can not wait to see him continue to improve, the Lakers next year will be some bright spots.

[-] [SAC] Peja StojakovicPostYourSinks [score hidden] 30 minutes ago

AD has a ton of potential too can & apos; t wait to see him during his prime

Kings fans: eyebrows, there are many talented, I can not wait to see him honored talent in the peak period.

[-] Lakersematics [score hidden] 22 minutes ago

Officer they are literally killing meeeeee !!!!!!!!!

Lakers fans: police officers, these guys have to shrimp pig heart! ! !

[-] Kingsmydadsyamum [score hidden] 41 minutes ago

Buddy “fuck you” hield

King Fans: Badi – Specializes Lakers – Hilde

[-] CELTICS_IRONGIANT_ 14 Points 2 Hours AGO

Marvin Bagley Was Playing Great Defense on Lebron in Those Overtimes. He Was Getting over Screens Like He Was Marcus smart.

Celtics fans: Buckley defensive James in overtime is very good. He is like Samart when weaving the cover.

[-] Sunswaffle_nuts 309 Points 44 Minutes AGO

This is a tremendous loss for the lakers

Sun Fans: For the Lakers, this is a “wonderful” loss.

[-] Warriorsshadowclawz [score hidden] 36 minutes ago


2. Kings 3 OT

3. First loss to the Thunder

Warrior fans: first: lost to Thunder

???? Second: three times to lose to the king


[-] NBairockaflame 402 Points 47 Minutes AGO

I want the lakers to go to ot every game shit is hella entertaining lol.

NBA fans: I hope that the Lakers are playing every game, it is really interesting.

[-] TOEKNEE99 [Score Hidden] 44 Minutes AGO

Bron Gonna Average 50 minutes this season.

James is 50 minutes this season.

[-] NBAYERGASON [Score Hidden] 46 minutes ago *

THEY Might End The Season with 90 Games Worth of Minutes with All these OT

E: The Lakers Currently Hold A 24% Ot Rate with 5 Games Out of 21 Going To OT (7 Total OTS = Extra 35 Mins So Far)

At the end of the season, the Lakers may be equivalent to hitting 90 games because they played.

Note: The Lakers are now attending the time, and there are 5 games in 21 games (7 plus time = 35 minutes).

[-] SUNSDIZZZY5 157 Points 50 Minutes AGO

I said prior to the season trice lakers weremust watch TV and i Was Right, But for None of the Reasons i actually thought

Sun fans: I said that this Lakers will see before the start of the season, I am right, but no one is because I think.

[-] LakersScummy12 229 Points 51 Minutes AGO

Lmao everybody get in here !!

Lakers fans: laugh at me, Lakers fans are in this collection! !

[-] lakersadventurous-bee-5934 [score hidden] 48 minutes ago

Let & Apos; s Dance Our Last Dance Together

Lakers fans: Let us jump together.

Not worried, Aliza and Narn are coming back, Woger is coming.

[-] nbacorbpie 39 Points 52 Minutes AGO

Game 6 from 2002 avenged

NBA fans: 2002 Western final G6 revenge

[-] NBAYERGASON 165 Points 53 Minutes AGO

Best Worst Game of the Year

NBA fans: This year’s “best bad film”.

[-] Wizardsjanvesely24 182 Points An Hour Ago

Kings Tried Their Hardest to Lose This Game, But The Lakers Just Wanded It More.

Wizards fans: Kings have done their greatest efforts in order to lose this ball, but the Lakers are not satisfied.

[-] Kings916Clout 15 Points An Hour Ago

imagine losing to a team that’s 2-8 in their last 10 games down 2 starters with 2 starters exiting early

Kings fans: Imagine (Lakers) lost to a last 10 games and only 2 wins and 8 losses the team, they are not only missing two starters, there are two starters out of the race early on the (Huck Rice played only 8 minutes, plum Figure played only 25 minutes.)

[-] Kingsjveezy [score hidden] 51 minutes ago

Lakers lost to a team that lost a home game to the 76ers missing 5 starters.

Kings fans: The Lakers lost to a little lost at home to the 76ers starting five of the team.

[-] ClippersCP3_for_MvP 37 points 2 hours ago

Le2 / 13fromthree

Clippers fans: James thirds vote 13 2

[-] Gran Destinofastlikeanascar [score hidden] 2 hours ago

30 points on 50 TS%.

Russ with 29/10/11 on 66 TS%, but LeBron barely let him run any offense in 3OT.

50% true shooting percentage 30 points, Westbrook 66% true shooting percentage triple-double, but LeBron let Westbrook led the attack in the three Canada.

[-] [LAL] LeBron JamesThe1AndOnlyJZ [score hidden] 2 hours ago

Absolutely no Russ slander will be tolerated. He balled out today, it’s just a shame none of his teammates wanted to help him

Lakers fans: black Westbrook may not be able to, he come forward today, but no teammates to help him with some regret.

[-] WizardsCrapcicle6190 [score hidden] 2 hours ago

Another wasted Bestbrook game … sigh

Wizards fans: Westbrook This game has been wasted, hey.

[-] MavericksBarea_Clamped_Lebron [score hidden] an hour ago

Lebron needs more help. 3 All-stars, 4 top 75 All-Time players, 6 HOF not enough to beat the Kings missing 2 starters

Lone Ranger fans: James needs more help. Three all-star, 75 four big players, six Hall of Fame is not enough to beat the absence of the king’s two starters.

[-] SupersonicsPurpleReign8 242 points 55 minutes ago

Yall just wait till Ariza and Nunn comes back, a 37 yr old at the tail end of his career and a small, ball-dominant guard is EXACTLY what the recipe calls for

Sonics fans: you guys wait until Trevor Ariza and return Nunn, puzzles career in the title race last paragraph of 37-year-old veteran and a smaller ball back exactly what the Lakers needed.

[-] Peterquillpen [score hidden] 48 minutes ago

Lmao you know you & apos; re sad when your franchise hope is all in a 40 year old ariza

Laughable, and you know that when you put the team hopes 40-year-old Trevor Ariza who you how sad yes.

[-] Lakerskultureisrandy [score hidden] 49 minutes ago

Reaves will save us from our sins

Lakers fans: Reeves will save our fault committed.

Twitter users:

Lakers fans present state

Today Zhan misfiring too far

-8 positive and negative values

30 points scored meaningless

10 of 25 shots

13 in the third 2

7 turnovers (game-high)

3 overtime loss to the Kings

GOAT? where?

Westbrook teammate: Westbrook us 15 points behind the

Less prestige: the, ah, I will be the three pairs.

Yes, we’re fine.

Let Rondo teach you

Vogel Lakers next week after receipt of notification to let him leave the

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