Leak secret "Rogers" six steps "strategy explains how to run table

After losing to the Minnesota, Yesterday, the Green Bay packaging worked almost only theoretical possibilities in the playoffs. The four-point Wei Alon-Rogers recognizes that the current situation is very unfavorable, but he said that although it is lost to Viking people, the package is still a small chance to enter the playoffs.

At present, the package is ranked tenth and lags behind multiple direct competitors. Like Washington Red Leather, Seattle Hawks or Minnesota Viking, their record is more advantageous than packages, but Rogers apparently not intended to give up the 2018 season. In fact, after losing to Viking, the small mathematics of Rogers suddenly launched, and came up with a perfect way to advance.

The records of 4-6-1 almost forced the packaging work, Rogers understand that they must maintain a full victory in the next five games. “You can sit down and calculate.” Rogers said in an interview with ESPN: “I can tell you that 8-7-1 has no play, absolutely no play.” This means that the package is required to 9-6-1 At the end of the season, Rogers describe his perfect plan – even win the five “running tables”!

“So I have to say this, let’s go back to the home to defeat Arizona, then get rid of Atlantan Falcon, then go to Chicago to defeat the big bear, where we are very familiar, win many times, I feel no problem. Then ….. Christmas fly to New York jet, this is not lost, and finally we will return to the home, take the Detroit Lion. “

This sounds not difficult, but even if all this happens, Rogers also admits that they still need to “get some help”, he called these help as the sixth step. “Let’s do yourself first, then need some other team help, do you understand?” The last Rogers added that if the team also had any fantasy to the season, then learn to leave the Langbao Stadium How to play the ball.

Rogers said: “We must find a way to win some games in the scene. Now our drum record is 0-6.” For packaging, the bad news is two away games: the 15th week of bear and 16 weeks of jet. Of course, the good news is that they still have three home. If Rogers’ career has proved what to prove in the magical performance, it is the December, the Lanbao Stadium is not broken. Since 2009, Rogers has been 15 wins in the Lanbao Stadium in December. Now, add the three home places in this season, 18-0, Long Ge feeling feasible, because three teams like the red bird, the Falcon and the Lions are closed dome.

No matter what happens in the next 5 weeks, Rogers don’t intend to give up the 2018 season. “I know that the statistics of rugby are intimidally intimidate, but you never want to waste any season, especially when you feel good about the prospect.” Rogers also added: “We are in the next five We will not give up on the week, will continue to fight, avoid falling, I think this is enough, just like I often say, we must go to fight, so we have to win these five games, let’s take a look! “

If the packaging work can get 5 consecutive victories, maybe 9-6-1 record really enters the playoffs, row in the Washington red skin main four-point guardian Alex-Smith, Washington, DC, Corolina The black panther has recently been a bit of 3 games, but also two saints; while the Seattle Hawks are limited, and next to the Minnesotavijing and Kansas City chief. However, once the package is lost to any of the 5 games, it is basically the death penalty for yourself.

I still remember that the 2016 season package worked after 4-6 Rogers led the team “running table”? Although it is said that the situation is not quite the same, but the “six steps” strategic strategy is quite certain. There is a miracle, this 34-year-old quarter has never given up hope.

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