Liu Xianzhen, Los Angeles Daoqi, will become the first Korean pitcher in the big league World Competition, and plans to first send the 2nd event of the War Boston Red Socks. Liu Xianzhen from Incheon, 31-year-old Liu Xianzhen is the third Korean pitcher who came ran in the World Competition, before the 2001 Arizona Snake Team’s relay pitcher Jin Bingxian and the 2009 Philadelphia team.Liu Xianzhen said through the translation of the reporter: I heard the team’s decision, the only idea is ready to prepare, I think I am ready. Last season, because I have not entered the list of playoffs, the only thing I can do is to cheer for

teammates, let them fight high, but this season I will become a place, I will never live up to this opportunity.

Liu Xianzhen has been hit hard in the playoffs in the playoffs, and the 3 games were hit on the 7 security play, and 2 players were guaranteed, and five self-signs were filled. However, he quickly resumed confidence and was determined to become the first Korean pitcher who won the victory in the World Competition.

Liu Xianzhen said that if there is more than the mistake in the game, then he must ensure that the World Competition is perfect. What to do is to strengthen the ball, let the number of balls lead, you have to show your own spheres.

Since 1988, Dodgers have experienced 30 years of championship, and the second game will be the battle of Bosson Red Socks Zuo Dou David – Prab, and he has achieved 16 win in the regular season.

Liu Xianzheng This season is 7-3, and the self-blade rate 1.97 is 1-1 in the playoffs, and the self-sharing rate is 4.40.

There is no doubt that the pressure is the mountain. Liu Xianzhen can obviously feel the tension and excitement atmosphere before the team war.

Liu Xianzhen is better to be so familiar with the Finwei Stadium. When Liu Xianzhen saw a tall green monster, his first reaction was really high. Liu Xianzhen feels that there is no difference between the left and right challenges. He is the most significant in the Dodge Stadium this season, and Los Angeles is relatively warm, Boston can be cold and big.

However, the head coach David-Roberts hopes to maintain the schedule and rhythm of the first round value. Roberts said, although Liu Xianzhen is better at home, we have confident that he can also spend a good record in Fenwei.

Liu Xianzhen accepted the ligament reconstruction surgery at the age of 17. Before joining the Dodge in 2012, he served in the Korean Baseball Alliance for 7 seasons.

In the 2008 Olympic baseball competition gold medal, Liu Xianzhen has achieved victory, and South Korea defeated Cuba to get a champion. Liu Xianzhen felt that there was no relationship with the current World Competition in 2008. The Olympic Games is a fixed-cost, and the key to the World Contest is to win the top 4 games. He doesn’t feel that the experience of the Olympic Games can help the World Contest, because it is too different types of events.

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