On July 28th, Beijing time, Auckland sports operators met the challenge of Texas tour cavalry at home. Sports attendants have leap to the Merry West District, but recently encountered three losses, and the tourist soldiers use two consecutive victories. Trend. This game, the first sixth game of the sports home slowly established an advantage, but at the seventh game by the visit soldiers, 4 points, but it will take a flat score. In the end, the homeowner is winning, stopping three losses.[Data Highlight]Sports home, Chapman two-point cannons got 2 points, and Simin 2 slammed 1 point and ran back 2 points. In terms of visitors, Santana 2 pans 2 points, and Mazara 4 played 3 metrics.[Competition process]The first bureau, the two sides of the two sides complete the half-bureau in three three, Sampson also sent twice.In the middle of the second game, the first two players before the ride were played in a row, and then two people went out, and the Fostel specially selected the four-bad ball to keep it. The final formation, and finally Martis wiped a rod and was arrested, missed Tony.In the second half of the second place, Kana’s first rod hit the Yangchun gun, took the lead in score for the sportsist, 1-0, which is the 17th Battle of the Kana season. However, the three teammates have three consecutive rolls, and the half end is over.In the third bureau, in the case of the two people, the first stick Ximan also knocked out the Yangchun cannon, and the 18th volume of the season, the sportsman won the 2nd, 2-0.The second half of the fifth, and the situation of the two people, Simian hits a hit, the recent cracking performance is not a good Chapman grown out of the right field, the season 23rd Sports home expanded the leading advantage, 4-0, sports home steps, slowly establishing the winning situation.In the second half of the sixth bureau, Kana rolled out the game, Lauren knocked out the left and far-reaching high-speed ball, the spherical trap flew out of the wall outside the wall, the sportsist slammed the third Yangchun gun, the score rewritten again, 5-0.In the upper half of the seventh game, the tournament opened the crazy counterattack, Kabrera is a hit, Mazara and Foste are three vibrations, Martis knocked out the Chinese and foreign wild hands and the second base, two people Some people; Santana hits the top three bases, sending two teammates back to the score, the rider chases 2 points, 5-2; at this time, the sportsist replaces the first firing, Bai Li is over 6.2, being hit 7 pans, send 7 three-oscillated 1 time.After the investment, the player lost, Carlhn’s second base is playing more than 5-3, and the sports operator re-investment again, and the Bugr is immediately attached to the scene, 5-4; Mazara after Magaza, Unfortunately Andrews was touched in the home base, and the ride defended some union appended 5 points.In the second half of the seventh place, Sampson has also completed the work, and the 6.0 bureau was https://www.fanartikelsportde.com killed and lost 5 points.In the second half of the eighth game, the tourist pitcher Montero hit the player, the two sings were cleared, and finally the pitcher was led by the main measure.In the first half of the ninth game, Hendrik was closed, and the Fuzi Special Flying Ball is out; the autumn and letter defended the scene to be three vibration; Santana hit a hit, Carlhn’s full number of balls were also saved, the sportsman won competition.[Two sides starting]Auckland Sports Family:1. Marcus Si Men guerrilla2. Matt – Chapman three base3. Matt – Olsen4. Mark – Kana designated hits5. Raun – Laareno Chinese and foreign wilder6. Chris Herman catcher7. Chad Pingdel right outside8. Robie-Grossman’s left outer wilder9. Franklin – Barretto two baseHobo PitcherTexas Tour https://www.maillotsenligne.com Cavalry:Danny-Santana2. Willie-Carlhn left outer wilder3. Elvis – Andrews guerrilla4. Nimal-Mazara right outside5. Hunter Pens designated blow6. Ruge Dad-Odor 2rd base7. Athdrewbar – Kabrera 3rd base8. Rogen – Fostel9. Jeff Martis CatcherAdrian – Sampon Pitcher[Next prospect]The next game, the ride, the round value of Pedro-Panuo debut, this season will be 1 win and 0 losses 1.50 self-blame rate. This will be the first time his big alliance first debut. In the past two games, it will debut, In the face of the double city, there was no loss. The second game was lost in the 5 games only 1 point, sent 7 three vibrations, and two relay pigeon played outstanding.Sports home is Mike-Phil, first pitcher, 9 wins and 3 losses 3.57 self-blame rate, Flird’s past 12 games all won high https://www.fanstore2.com

quality first, and achieved 6 wins and 0 negative achievements. At the same time, a major alliance record was broken, and the pitch of the 52nd game of Auckland was not knocked out.