Played only 16 games, Vogel brutally abandoned! Third of the 28.6%! Give it up, old Jim can not save him

Than 106 home 110, Big Three Lakers force to repel the invading piston.

The game, the ball is won, but I do not know you have not noticed, Baez Moore once again been abandoned?

In fact, this was his fifth in a row did not get the opportunity to play.

Even when Anthony and James Cha Zhaoyao in the field of breath, Vogel did not choose to send their top up a few minutes.

Season so far, Baez Moore played only 16 games, averaging 4.6 points, 2.1 rebounds, shooting / point shooting was 32.9 / 28.6%, respectively, regardless of attack or defense, showing are “undercover “image.

Star player and James partner, data decline is what makes sense, after all, the ball will be cut right to the coaching staff.

But the role players, especially wore a 3D title role players, James played in the side, can not actually play on the league level performance time, that problem can only find from their own.

Baez Moore current situation is not cast into space, defense and always steals leakage occurs because gambling man phenomenon, and name of the name will be on top of his head, somehow send the opponent a free throw.

Statistics show that when he was on the court, the Lakers averaged only get 98.5 points.

When he is not present under the H field can Lakers 107.5, very clear contrast changes.

Maybe some fans will say: James and “waste” a teammate.

But the problem is, even if Baez Moore and the rest of the players when playing partner, he did not play a convincing performance ah …

Statistics from the NBA official website revealed that he and Westbrook together presence, the Lakers hundred rounds, averaging 14.3 points lost net;

Howard and co-presence, the net lost 9.7 points, and the presence of Rondo, net lost 1.5 points;

And the presence of eyebrows, the net lost 9.6 points, and the presence of Reeves, the net output of 21.1 points.

On the contrary, when Bates and James Moore presence, the Lakers hundred rounds, but also margin of 1.1 points.

So-called slump, purely himself caught in a lose.

After the spate of inefficient game play, choose Vogel abandoned Baez Moore, the problem has been very serious.

Under the chemical reaction between the Lakers Big Three getting better, he is likely to follow dropped out the roster.

In Dili brother it seems, in fact, can give Baez Vogel Moore up.

From his debut this year, in addition to playing around in the library more efficient, the rest of the time, he is the image of a nerve knife.

Lillard could not save him (pioneer period, Baez Moore shooting 34.7 + 32.7%), Westbrook could not save him, James could not save him.

Lakers with the best lineup, James hit fifth place, Westbrook hit the number one position, and then with three shooter.

The three shooters, whether Ellington, Monk, Anthony also, or Bradley, Reeves, are 比贝兹莫尔 better choice, after all these players more tactical ability, rarely case of brain fever appear.

Unless Baez follow Moore to prove himself, otherwise, his playing time, the high probability is assigned to only about 10 minutes, or even less.

Sports, still have to get the strength to speak.