Recruit new coach for Brown? Defense line big McCarti Dark Micro

Mike McCarthy was shocked by Mike McCarthy by packaging. The front package worker, now Brown Safety De Mar Lius-Randali is also one of them.

Packagers This year’s record is 4-7-1, the result is far less than, as the main coach, McChaki naturally suffers a lot of screams. But it was not so thinking about McCarthy for three years.

“I don’t know.” Randal said, “They traded their own good players, and I hope that the four-point guard will create a miracle every day, but this miracle is not very good.”

Although Rogers did not suffer from more injuries this year, the hope of the packaging work is more embarrassed. However, considering the changes, this seems to be rational.

The race season, the popularity of the population in the fans will take advantage of Jordy Nelson by Jordy Nelson. After this, Landa, safe Weihaha – Clinton Dix (Haha Clinton-Dix), Run Thai – Ty Montgomery, Subject 4 points Webrete – Hendrie (Brett Hundley) and Corner – Lenzy Pipkins has also been traded.

Although the record in the past two seasons in the past two seasons, the performance of McCha Tin’s leaders is still quite good 125-77-2. He also led the package to win a super bowl, 9 times kill the playoffs.

Randa said: “Mike McCarti is very good, very powerful coach. I only have no respect to him. I hope that everything is fine. I don’t know why they want to dismiss him. He is really very good Very good person is also an excellent coach. “

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