Red socks On April 12, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Great League has conducted 10 games. The results are as follows: Indians 0-4 Tiger, Malinfish 0-5 red, sports home 8-5 Jacques, Dodge 7-1 Royal, Sailor 7-6 Rail Snake, Pirate 0-2 Bear, Blue Bird 6-7 socks, Metropolis 6-3 Warriors, Rocky 0-1 Giants.Los Angeles Daoqi 7-11 St. Louis SapphireAt the first game, the Turki’s three bases, Turner Gaofei sacrificed the first to make the Dodge leader, the second game, the second game, the first home of the family, the start of the personal season, the Tao is 3 to 0 perfect opening .In the second bureau, the border of the bureau appeared in the case of Martinez, O’Neill knocked out the prostitute, and tent on the ball in the case of the base, and in Vitz. After the sacrifice of Gao Fei sacrificed, a key explosion price was directly returned to the 2, 3rd base runners, and the red scorpion instantly reversed scores.On the third bureau, Turner and Sig, the parallel series of 2, three bases, Pollock’s high-flying sacrifice and Fritz’s place of play make Dodge once again exceeded, Erninad’s two-point cannons made Dodes re-acquired 7 The leading advantage over 4. The third bureau, Due to Rong, the second base, Zheko, knocking out, and sent it back to the team.The fifth bureau will send a post-aid Pitz, and then knocked out the three-standing ankle to form a full column after they came up. Bad’s tentarem passed, while Vitz’s sancto series plus Mangxi The preparation transaction makes the red ramp 9 to 7.After the sixth bureau, the Due was selected to ensure the guarantee, Martinens’s second base, the team 10, after this, Garcia broke the investigator, Martinneys, easily ran back to the buffet.The two sides of the whole game, the first fierce, Brace and Wacca did not support 5 games, and the same 10 security, but the rickets rely on more

fractions under the opponent’s error, and finally completed the four-game sweep in the home.

Cleveland Indians 4-0 Detroit Tiger

After the first game, the Balls knocked out and stolen the second base, Santana’s right to make Indians lead the lead. On the third game, Leons Martin knocked out the Yangchun home run, which is also the second bombard in his personal season. On the fourth game, the Indians rely on the hit and guaranteed series, and Martin’s key moments knocked out again to make the team to get 3-0 lead, the seventh game, Martin, the second base, Santana’s security series, the Indian People lock the victory.

The Indians first pitched the pitcher Bieber 7 games 6 times, the whole, Martin and Santana knocked out 3 security package, the Indians, the Tiger Word, only 4, only 4.

Pittsburgh Pirate 0-2 Chicago Bear

There were no players in the first two games to knock out, the third bureau wasts the opportunity to have someone who has someone, and the first six parties have fallen into a deadlock to become 0 to 0. The seventh place, when the next time, the other party is officer to make Haiwo German attacks for the second base, Descasa’s security makes the bear lead, after which the second base of Kaladini let the bears lock the victory.

The game, the bear, the pitcher, the Jintana 7 games, 11 times, the three vibration did not lose any score, got the first season, the pirate first pitcher Musgrov 6.1, 6 times, three vibrations, no self-blaming, still swallowed cast.

Seattle Sailor 7-6 Kansas City Royal

The Second Bureau Hunt-Duke’s Yangchun cannon makes the royal lead to break the deadlock, the third bureau, the two-point guns of Lair, the royal family gain 3 to 0 lead, the fourth game, Meng Dexi, rumored a spring gun Let the Royal Sakay.

The sixth bureau, Shangdi-Gordon homed out the first home run, and let the sailor’s opening season will knock out the home run in 15 consecutive games, and become the history of the big profite. Since then, Hanig’s high flying sacrifice is sent back to Smith, and the seventh game on Gordon ‘s three-base play will shrink to 1 point.

In the seventh place, rely on Solar and Duke’s peaceful series, the royal family achieved a leading advantage of 3 points. The eighth bureau’s antenators of Naencazie returned the team, and the nine bureaus took 1, three bases, Harnig was knocked out the three-course three-course laundering score. The tenth game on the Yangchun fireworks of Wogerbucks returned, and the final sailor reversed the perfect opening of 13 wins and 2 losses.

Toronto Blue Bird 7-6 Boston Red Socks

The third bureau’s three-point gun and Trez’s two-point gun made the blue bird a perfect opening of 5 to 0, but the third bureau will start anti-hits, Martines, Deweis and Pei Droa’s security series is 3 to 5. The fifth bureau, Sanchez sent a pop-up of red socks when there were people, and the seventh game, the seventh place, the Yangchun shot of Moland, the eighth game, the eighth game, the Yangchun cannons, let the blue bird make ahead. There is no abandoned red sock to start counterattack in the ninth office. In the case of someone else, Molan 2Geranga will send Bates back to the home base, and in the case of a standing, Dewus knocks out. Goodbye, the reddock of the blue bird also ushered in the first season at the season.

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