Rumor! Klai is a 20-minute or emotional problem! After building brilliant, I don’t see him today.

Today, there is a rumor: Warriors, the doctor’s death leads to the Warriors’ star Thompson’s mood, and after the game, I took a foot foot for 20 minutes. In fact, Tang Pusis is not because of the death of the team doctor, but because there is no way to fight for too long. Imagine, if you are Thompson, you didn’t play the ball for two years, and the teammates played the dragon live tiger team’s record and boiled, but they could not play play. Is this a kind of suffering? Especially for Thompson’s good winner.

Thompson played in NBA or the summer of 2019, what happened in the summer, we all know. The Warrior Lights opened the oil, Durant and Thompson have fallen again, and finally lost three consecutive championships in the finals. Thompson has missed a whole season because of injury, and did not expect Thompson again in the training.

Relevant persons revealed that Thompson
had a possibility of resetting from the end of December. Two years without playing the game in Thompson in the heart. Familiar with Thompson knows that Thompson is a player who is very strong and very enthusiastic. Otherwise, he can’t get a step step by step to become an excellent star. We can understand that the Data can understand that the 1st season of the Thompson career has a 12.5 points, and his field has a total of 22 points in the peak season, and the three-pointer intermediate rate is 44% of the amazing. Thompson’s career has not yet any season three-pointer-hit intermediate rate below 40%.

Before the injury of Thompson, there was less than 70 games in the rookie season. Thompson is a model, a dedicated player. With the lack of ball capabilities, Thompson grinds their own ball capabilities, and Thompson is not a defensive will be in his career. But he constantly grinds his defensive consciousness and footsteps, eventually selected NBA best defensive lineup.

Of course, the most people of Tujin or Thompson’s score explosive force. Single section 37 points and 14 three points of single field are the best proof, and this is to do this in addition to talented training. Thompson is a training mad, his daily life is training in addition to accompanying dogs.

In the early days of the injury, Thompson can’t train, only patiently. And two big injuries are equivalent to Thompson has a lot of time in bed rehabilitation. He can’t train to find his own state. Until this month, Thompson allowed to participate in 5V5 confidence.

Can’t play the game is a kind of suffering of Thompson, and he knows the fans of basketball. This season’s Warriors have achieved the best results of 17 wins and 2 losses, and the Curie is very outstanding. The field score more than 28 points, and the number of three points is the first place. Victorus, Poor’s players also have good performance and is the excellent firepower point. Thompson can only look at the teammates playing, we can understand his inner anxiety and desire, he is too hope to return to the court.

Thompson hopes to go back to the court, Warriors fans and management also hopes that Thompson returns to the court. Because this season is the best window period for the Warriors. The Warriors played excellent performance, the role player also has excellent performance. The Warriors have been seen by many media to win the biggest popularity of NBA. If you can seize this year’s chance Warrior and take a crown, you will have no regrets in the lumor and Thompson. But if you want to achieve this, you must return to Tomson, and the strength of the team after returning to the team will increase a level.

Have a fans: Today, the Warriors hurt the name of Temcer, which makes Thompson break. So just after the game, stay in the field for 20 minutes. Thompson’s emotions have been out of control, of course we can also understand. Thompson is coming out, but he is not only expected, but there will be an invisible burden and pressure. He needs to release these stress in some way.

Thompson’s returns a big probability will have a starting position, but he needs to find a state. Of course, there is still an emotion of your own. Thompson may have undulation in the initial state of the regression, considering the personality of him, if the performance is not expected, this is not a good phenomenon.

Warriors players must give Tong Pusen a certain psychological comfort, especially Curry. I know what to do as Thompson’s good brother library. Thompson returned quickly, the Warriors fans waiting for a long time, this season, the whole warrior will go online. When I was waiting, the Warriors did not rule the alliance as five years ago? Readers, friends, what do you think Thompson will have any performance after returning this season? Welcome to leave a message comment in the article.

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