September 29th is waiting for half a month, and the outstanding representative of China’s 00 after China is finally completed by the individual in the MLB live! As the first star of China’s mainland, the star to the American Baseball Professional League, the older Wang Yuan conquered the world with high popularity, healthy image. At 7 o’clock in the morning of Beijing Time, I wore the New York Metropolitan Gruper, and the movement majors showed the Chinese mainland star in MLB’s first ball.MLB is the highest level of professional baseball league in North America. Founded by the National Alliance and the US Alliance in 1903, it is one of the four major professional sports alliances in the United States. It has a great audience and super popularity in the world. The kicking ceremony is its logo activity, and celebrities from all walks of life are often invited to participate.MLB can choose to make older Wang Yuan as a kick guest, on the one hand, the MLB Great League strives to attract young audiences in China, and on the other hand, Wang Yuan is “00-rear benchmatic artist” in the world. The influence.However, we don’ t have to worry too much from China’s outstanding representative Wang Yuan’s professional, before Wang Yuan starred in the TV series “our boy era” in the baseball theme, playing the battle team captain in the play, in order to be able to play him Accept the training of domestic professional baseball coaches.With the baseball foundation, Wang Yuan, today’s clothing is also quite professional, metropolitan jerseys, black sports pants, white shoes, black baseball caps, let people know that he is not coming to show, but to dazzle.Under the attention of the audience, pull the ground, screw the waist, and Wang Yuan one will make a player to the metropolis player, and the first ball in the MLB stadium is also the first ball of the Chinese mainland star … Complete this record. After professional shooting, the players thought he applauded. The two sides came together and faced photos of


The team of the Great League has always invited the tradition of the celebrity to win, as a Basketball star in Houston, Harden has also been invited to the Houston spaceman with the Detroit tiger. However, the celebrities have a bad time, and Harden is also confident that they will not joke, but the ideal is very beautiful and the realistic is too cruel, and it is ultimately laughing too amateur. Comparing the pitching action of Wangyuan today, it is clear that more professional and investment.

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