Steel people fans are hard!When the family runs and repents, I still will not return to the team this week.

Is there still a fans who have a bitter wait-style-Bell return steel person?Or do you have Fantasy to choose what he wants to keep the cloud to see the moon?If you have, you have to be disappointed.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Judy Batista, the steel man thinks that this old will not report to the team this week.

The steel man will enter the wheel space without Bell, and Bell is currently not contractual due to the refusal of the contract of 14.54 million US dollars.

There have been reports that Bell will report on the seventh week to the team.

Even if Bell returns, the steel man quadruplicate – Rosrisberg also hopes to run James – Connant can continue to receive a policoline.Although the Condon state is slightly up, he has already shown enough potential.

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