Text / Fang Ling, Zhang Zihan In the sixth game of the national conclusion, the wineman relied on the excellent blow performance of Hess – Aguilar and Lien Brown, dragging the national union finals into the seven-life dead battle, today’s winemaker will send the third battle. Jobs Chain did the first, and which player will send to life and death? Not Koke Xiao or Liu Xianzhen, but a 24-year-old Xiu Wolk-Bille! https://www.maillotspascherfr.com The following is about Bille’s story:Juvenile: Learn to franchise baseball super famous schoolIn the summer of 1994, Tony Bile and Karen – Biles welcomed the birth of Walker-Bille. After 18 years, the blonde-wide young guy chose Van Debilt University, which is a super baseball name.Everyone is sure that this is another customary story of a talented baseball genius. Can Bille does not regard the baseball as all of life. Because of a middle family, family conditions are superior, Brazza does not need to worry about the livelihood of the family, and no need to make a homework as a means of making a living in the future. Bille has accepted a good higher education. When Henry Kreth, he had 30 points in the ACT exam. He is a member of the National Honor Society. He has worked for four years in the student, and https://www.fanbutikk.com participated in the three-year class leadership. The project, the GPA test has also been high scores, if there is no baseball in his life, then he is also very likely to achieve high achievements in an academic.Prior to the choice of Van De Bilt University, Pittsburgh pirates were selected in the 14th roundabout, and for many families of poor families, they need to entangle whether to enter the professional alliance or enter the university to continue, but It is not necessary to worry about such problems, and resolutely enter the university.Van De Bart University exceeds all other schools in facilities, coaches and academics, which is the reason of Bingler chooses this school. The reason why he can get the olive branch of countless baseball names, not just excellent learning results, and he can easily urge 94 miles https://www.mlbdrakterno.com of speed balls, scotting, curling, and shift balls in his weapon when he is so young. In his mother, Karen said: “Look at his pool seems to have no effort, firmly controlling the whole situation.”And what kind of university is Van Delbilt University? In fact, this is not a historic sports famous school. It seems that the important rugby and basketball seems to be not very spiritual, and the history of the baseball team is not very warm. With Tim Corbon coach in 2003, the main team, This university not only has achieved good results, but also has cultivated a number of large union stars, for example:- In 2007, the Dictionary Show, 2012 US League Yang Award winner David – Prab.- In 2008, the show of the show, the 2013 State Committee of the Silver Battrand, Pedro – Alvarez.- In 2009, the draft 13 round show, the https://www.b2bshopp.com rider first round-value pitcher Mike – Merona.- 2011 Draft No. 18 Show, 2013 US League Yang Award Voting Third Sony-Gray.- 2013 draft 5 round show, space people inner and outer field tools Tony Tony – Kemp.Walker-Bille and Van De Birlt are called the sky. 2013 new show season, Bingle out of the competition included 9 first hair, 4 wins and 3 negative, self-bladed 3.14, 57 times, the second season in 2014, Bingle will increase the results to 12 wins and 2 losses, self-signs 2.64, and 111 times, this team not only has Billet, but also genius inheri-Siberi-Swansen, the top of the two universities, Kasse – Fulmer and Taylor – Bidd, Van De Billt University won the Southeast League champion broke into the 2014 NCAA World Competition, Bille made the team first war, and won the victory, and finally helped Van De Bart https://www.trikotskaufenn.com University to win the only NCAA championship trophy of Team History.Bille’s character also enabled him a welcome, Damana New Year’s winter, Vanderbilt University Master Baseball Country Dominican Republic Ready to train the NCAA competition in the second year, spent a long in the stuffy Caribbean ball After a day, the University of Van der Bilt returned to the hotel, Brajo made his teammates, the current warrior’s guerrillas, Handson left half a Chedda Chapels on his bed.Bora in the University of Van De Barth is Fulmer and SwansenSwansen also waved Call as a teammate in the election year. “I have never seen someone to have a big meal and only half a half, leave it to the best friend. He is completely unrelenting in a language. I have a big meal for an hour, I only have half, leave the remaining half. His heart is invalvous. This is the only way I described him. He https://www.mlbtrikot4.com is a gem, I love Biler. “Growth: Team Anless Player and Sanzhen MasterIn the 2015 Elite Session, Van Debilt University has almost ruled this draft conference. Swansen became a champion, and the Furmer was selected in the eighth shine, and the Founder Philip – Furtor and Pitcher Rete Hios Man is selected in the third round, as an important member of the Dream Team, Walker-Bille is in the first round. It is good to have a good look, just in less than two months, Dodi General Manager Farhan-Zai Di told reporters that Biller must be “ligarative replacement surgery” due to elbow injuries. It takes a year or longer recovery. Due, due to long-term high-intensity training and competition during the university, this makes Billet’s right elbows, which also makes Big League’s prospects a layer of shadows. After all, there are very few big alliance pitks at 21 years old. “Tommy-John John Surgery” is conducted in the age, how will his future?One year later, the returns, in the first game of the rookie alliance, Six players were solved in the Billet two, including three remedies. One year later, Bingle was directly rising from 1A +, and then participated in the small alliance all-star game, it was promoted to 3A Russian Coqi in the season.At the beginning of September 2017, a 23-year-old Biller was called the big alliance as a cowshed. Most of the eight games were played out as a result of the game. Bile as the goal of the team for a long time, he and another young two-year-old Mexico Zuo Dou Hurio-Uria became the hope of the team in the future.After the 3A Russian Towards, 2018, after three games, in the late April, due to the old Rich-Hill’s injury, Biller was called the big alliance, and when people guess the positioning of Bille, always Coach Dave Roberts said that Biller will become award. This quarter, the first group of the quarter, the three-session, the three-session, the three-session, the Journey, the 38-year-old, the 38-year-old, the old, Hill, gradually retrieved in the past two years, 27 years old Zuo Pot Alex Wood won the 16th Pizza Vital in 2017, and won the ninth place in the National League. In addition, East Asian Shuangxiong Premium Jian Taihe Liu Xianzhen also has a quite a good strength, and the Bilene can sit the position first?The first place in the career first sent a pair of molin fish, although the first game made a full base, but Bira supported, and in the four games showed excellent performance, the first battle five-game zero lost budget. 90-answer volume. After four days, Dodge giants giants the enemy giants, Bingle first issued only two points to win the first winning capital. After five days, I made a guest of San Diego priests, although Bille passed three beats in the first bureau and the third bureau, the first six games did not be hit by any, but because they sent 8 old K and exhausted. With the ball, then Tony Singgrani, Imie Garcia and Adam-Librador, one person solves a game, and has never been hitting anything to play, so, the four famous names do not see the pitcher Completed the 298th unanual game in the history of the big league, and the 12th team in history.After the game, Bingle began to receive widespread attention, plus two seven games in May, Bingle, in the end of the team, the team was first sent, and the last half of the season was 4 wins and 1 loss. , Self-signs 2.63, WHIP value is low to 1.05 good grades. When all of the first hair pitcher, including Kercra, Biller may be the only hair of the team to bring surprises.The next half of the season is beginning to show their “K”, Brajong has a speed of nearly 97 miles, and the change is a speed ball that is like stretching card ball. The currency, the ball, the kick, and the Carter ball interaction, very good at using super Fast speed balls. In the late August, the game of the squid, Brajo has a new high-grade three-oscillating, and then sent 9K again in September, the race of the raphra and the rickets, of which the eight-game zero lost competition is It is the best thing in the Brad career, and after four days of competition, Brajo will refresh the record of the three-oscillated record!In the first complete season of Bravan League, 24 appearances occurred in 24 times, and the average of each year was roughly filled with six bureaus, and the transcript was 8 wins and 5 losses, self-signs 2.62, whip value 0.961, average Every nine games are only hit 6.2 security, with an average of 9.9 times per nine games, 24-year-old Biller completed a rookie season that will get the CCIRIC. And will also compete with the Warriors Wanner to compete for the best rookie awards!Rate: The disease does not forget the wedding during the world contestAt this time, Los Angeles Dodge and Houston Spaceman were killing on the stage of the World Contest. Walker – although there is no list of seasons, the Los Angeles Dodge Team Stadium VIP luxury box has been prepared for him, and this is difficult to refuse to temptation for MLB players. Surprisingly, Bille actually played with missing after the first second game, and then hurried back to Los Angeles after the end of the seventh game. It turned out that the city of Bilei back to the city Tennesseneville participated in the wedding of the Furmer. Before boarding the plane, he was also diagnosed with a serious inflammation of the throat. The team doctor repeatedly recommended that he was resting at home.After giving a good brother, after the colleague, because traffic jams missed the final battle of the Dodge and Space. At the end of the game, he was still lying on the back seat of Houston taxi.The next morning, Bira was already in Houston’s hospital, because the throat was inflammatory, the doctor gave him penicillin. Bile said that he was too busy, even forgot his throat.Furmer also thanked Brothers in personal media, saying that he is one of who will never forget who his friend is.2018 ranoff: natural heartWhen the Taoi ended the 2018 regular season with a small garden of 7 wins and 2, 91 wins and 71 losses and the head names of Rocky in the country of the National Union, the two teams need to play “163” to decide the Nations No. 2 seed. The seat, and the negative person will participate in the cruel battle, the importance of “163” is self-evident. Because of the previous series of games, Kercrah and Liu Xianzhen have come to play. At this time, Bille is in danger, becoming the first firing of this critical war. In the first six games in this game, Brace completed the half-bureau of three three three, almost no more thrilling scene, and the second half of the six bureaus, Biles used a slap in the case. – Ernande, expand the score to 5 to 0, and finally lost 1 security and 3 guaranteed, with a perfect manifestation to send a beautiful Rong Dynasty.Entering the Third War of the National Association of Distorts, when the Tudu bits 2 to 0 lead to Atlanta, the team hopes that Brazzne can help the team to accept the series, the second half is the warrior, the warriors hit from the Boraman. Migallow, Phase’s Phase Bingle, four-note, the opponent’s first pitcher Sean, Newcomm, first squeezed back to the first minute, and then will be arrested with Borady’s best rookie. Bille’s failure, directly sent a small white ball to the field, this is a full wisher of the victory! Although Bille is in nine in the three and a half, but the damage has been caused, the first playoffs of the career will swallow the five-year-old result.And entering the national contest, the same is the third battle, when the Taoi took a big score to Los Angeles, the team once again sent a Biller again, the first game was bians in the two good three or bad, and the country of China was MVP. After the big heat candidates, after Jeregia, the wineman third stick Royan-Brown hit a long play from the Bille hand and sent the first point of the competition. When the Bremen was used to reagent, after the four games of the opponent, the sixth game was Silvis-Xiao hit a three-game lady, and then attacked Yasmani grid Landao is weak, let the three bases on the three bases directly return to the home base. Then, when the branch of the Breweman’s eighth stick Orlando – Asia slammed two points, the seven game lost the four points and became a fortune pitcher.In today’s life and death, the two sides of the battle is the third battle of the national contest. The excellent performance of the Barbers in the battle 5.1 zero points, this old will play in the playoffs. Stable and old spicy can be seen, plus the monsters in the brewer cowshed, Zuoshi, Yash-Black, also took two days, and the life and death war may vote for three games, and Yesterday I once played. Knebell and Jerry Mi-Jeffreis can also play, believe in the style of winemaker, Cregg – Concet, very satisfied with the pitcher configuration. However, the Dodge fans should not feel lost. Although Walker is lost in the two playoffs, it is impressive and impressive after the lost, this is a senior intelligence, and he is born. Born in the big scene, today he first sent a 4.2 game, 7 people did not guarantee only 1 point, Dodge Finals also eliminated winemakers in the World Competition.It is foreseen that the future of Bile will be considered by everyone as a successor, the strongest leftovers of Zhuocx will.