Text / two good two bad2019 season MLB all-star voting has been launched in recent days, fans can vote for their favorite stars, help them, entered the All-Star game held in Cleveland on July 9.In order to increase interest, and make the selection more fair, this all-star game adopts a new voting mechanism, the biggest highlight is in two rounds of voting. The player’s shot has become a total of all-star first-round vote, and no matter how good it is good. Which team is effective, this player has to experience a round of positive PK test to take the position.MLB all-star voting officially openedAll star lineup needs to be generated by two stagesAs in the past, the fans voted only to the first wilder, a total of 17 seats, 9 Menlian, 8 National Union (one of the United States), where the inherius was selected by each location The outer country is selected by the top three before each https://www.mlbtrikot4.com league.The new and old voting mechanism is different from that there is only one round of voting in the past, and the new rules are divided into two steps: Primary Election and the Starters Election. In the preliminary election, fans through voting, decide the top three of each field and designated blow, and the top nine of the owner of the owner. The preliminary election from May 28th from June 21, when the players who have passed tickets at each location will enter the list of 51 primary elections.Preliminary stageAfter the primary selection list, the first round of the first round of duration is 28 hours, from 12 o’clock on June 26th (0 o’clock on June 27, Beijing), 6 o’clock in the US. The fans vote for players entering the primary selection list, and the highest tickets have become a full star. The first https://www.trikotskaufenn.com list election results will be announced 3 hours after the voting.In the past, all-star voted, each voting should be selected by 17 places, each email account can be cast 35 votes. Now each email account can vote 5 full places every day on the MLB official voting platform, or vote on the search interface of this All-Star Tournament Google, the fans can choose only 1 person or complete 17 people voted, limited to one daily.The second phase of all-star votingNew regulations or effective restrictions brush phenomenonUnder the new rules, the first-year-old player is no longer “one step”, but enters the next round of voting, which means that there will be three popular players in front of each location. This change is the most substantive difference in that all ticket sources will be redistributed in the second round, https://www.mlbdrakterno.com and those supporting players do not enter the second round of fans, if they participate in two-wheeled vote, they should consider investigating other players.Although the original intention is to have strength, the players who have achievements can participate, but since the voting method is adopted, there will be no feelings, some high popularity or big market team players are more cheap under the voting rules of a hammer sale. . The most exuberant example is that the Royal Kansas City relies on “civilian lineup” to win the world contest, which causes the royal fans’ enthusiastic support. In 2016, there was a madly brush ticket, so that some capabilities are also high. Selected, resulting in an unsuspect.It is clear that the new rule exposes the attitude toward the phenomenon in the form by reducing the number https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com of votes of a single account. However, there is no doubt that as long as the fans are willing to vote, they can avoid voting restrictions in the “Karans” approach, and the phenomenon of excessive brush cannot be avoided.The new two-wheeled voting method may fundamentally solve this problem, three primary election places per location, always have a powerful player. The neutral fans who have not entered the second round of voting will value the performance of the player, less affected by personal preferences, and vote can reflect the performance of the player itself. In this way, the two-wheeled vote can be diluted with the source of fans, so that the result is more real.Pitcher is still unavoidable by the allianceHowever, this voting mode is limited to the first part. Other all-star members, including pitcher groups and substitute wilders, still in accordance with legacy, voted and MLB official decisions. This process will balance the number of wilders and pitks (20 wilders and 12 pitks) and ensure that each team has a player. This also means that there is a considerable part of the players who have no in the second round of PK links will not appear in the final all-star lineup.Due to the factors of balance, all star selections in the 2018 season have an unpleasant scene. Later, I won the Tampa Bay, the Tampa Bay, the Gulf Pitcher, Brake, the Tama, the data in the first day, but it is not in the full star lineup. Because the main catcher Wilson Ramos was selected as the United States, and the Alliance had to take into account some weakness of the weak team, so that there was no vacancies left to Snell. In the end, Snell is derived by other selected pitks because of Sunday, it is impossible to push the ball in all star games.Brek-SnireSome teams will have quite a few star players, they may be enough, but they have not passed voting into the first list. And they already have teammates, so they have been rampant after the candidate in the alternate list, unless there is a very good luck like Snell, these players can only regret it with all the stars.Can the new regulations drive all-star heat? The ornamentality of the event is the keySince MLB in 1933, the form has become the tradition of MLB and even the entire North American Professional Sports Union. Over time, the attraction and topics of all stars have not been followed by time. It is important to know that in the 1930s and forties, the TV has not been popular in North America, and the event that can enjoy all the stars in a game is great in the fans. But now the fans can easily get a variety of dynamics of the stars over the network, all-star games are no longer a non-interesting event.In order to improve the heat of all-star game, each alliance can be said to be brain juice. This voting rules change, obviously MLB also has this consideration. The original all-star voting has long lasting, and the topic is not maintained for a long time. For example, some voting earlier fans may not be too concerned about or in the voting of all stars in the next day.MLB all-star voting adopts new rulesNow after the first choice, there is a wave of 28 hours of voting (considering 4 time zones across the North America, it is actually equivalent to all day 28 hours), this way can mobilize the enthusiasm of the fans twice, and then aggregate The focus of society is better for all-star competitions and the entire alliance.On the other hand, the original MLB fans’ gaze is to support the team, pure ball honey is less, unlike NFL or NBA fans, “who is more excellent” arguments. But in the Internet age, the eyeball economic effects in this mouthfuls are difficult to ignore. If you vote through all-star, let the popular king pk of each location drive the relevant topic, should also be the MLB.Of course, the attraction of all-star games is still in the final game itself. In this regard, NFL and NBA have always been a headache. In order to avoid injuries, the players will not fully defense, and the physical contact is just doing. It has caused the game to be brushing, and there is no ornamental. NHL made a successful reform, and the normal 5V5 was changed to 3V3. If the player did not require the player to make the body confrontation, the fast-paced passionate game made a fun.In contrast, MLB all-star game without too many physical confrontation factors has always been a midrangement. Although the special things on the baseball rules will not let the security of all-star games are similar to NFL, NBA is similar, but the victory is not critical, and the lack of tension always feels less.In order to change, MLB also follows NHL ideas and innovates in the competition system. If the competition enters an extended bureau, the front of the offensive party will have an additional runner in the second base. The player who has been replaced will allow the runner to return to the competition. This change apparently makes the game’s interest in the game, but this is only seen in the extended game. In any case, there is a lot of new content, and at least the alliance strives to show the fans’ sincerity.